Take it in pieces

NuVinci from DaVinci – The infamous inventor/painter/thinker of old still influences new innovations. Like this bike for example. They call it ‘The Ride’ and it has a ‘NuVinci’ transmission based on one of DaVinci’s ideas.
Dissapearing Car Door? – We all know that car doors swing out. There are suicide doors, gull wing doors, and the more recent sporty Scissor doors. A disappearing door that rolls down under the frame defies all logic! Check out the company that makes the nifty conversion. Just change your alternator religiously, don’t let your battery die, or leave your remote in your car.
Adults can’t use kids toys – What a shocker. I’ll talk about the XO and OLCP in a post some other time. Way way cool idea.
Library Chairs of the Future? – Kind of a cool concept. Jelte can Geest is the designer.
Coal vs nuclear power? – Scientific American reports findings that the ash from burning coal is more radioactive than nuclear waste. Huh? Burning coal is carbon combusting with oxygen to maintain a heat. In a power plant that heat boils water, producing steam, which does the work to spin a turbine with magnets that move near a wire thus coaxing electrons to move along at an alternating current. Where are the radioactive materials in this? The coal. Turns out that coal can contain trace elements of uranium and thorium which are small enough to escape into float off with the smoke. It’s not enough to kill you… in fact you’re already being bombarded by background radiation from the Earth, the sun, space in general, and some general human-made objects. So then what’s the point? The point is that the surrounding area of a nuclear plants have less radiation. There have been blunders with nuclear power, but the technology has advanced quite a bit. How many nuclear warheads do we have laying around in bunkers in the US. Not that they’re near most places… I only bring it up because we’ve gotten pretty damn good at working with this kind of stuff.
Silly apple adds – Funny PC guy only out for money… he’s not in the spirit of Christmas at all! How much does an Apple computer cost? I’m not against Apple at all… they are a viable option in the world of pre-built systems. They even have their advantages over the a PC in some respects. I’m just bothered as anyone who knows ‘their subject’ would be when misinformation is used as a basis of promotion.
The Spirit of X-mas – Representative Jim McDermott and 7 other democrats gave a ‘nay’ vote for celebrating Christmas. I’m not sure about the other 7, but Mr. McDermott cast his vote out of protest for President Bushes veto on a heath care bill. “I guess I’m the only guy left in Congress who still gets angry, but there are some tings that are just not right.” Not too sure what to make of this and I’m not interested enough to look into it. I just thought it was generally an odd way of protesting Bushy.
Torture – I believe in reason. Many ideals on many common issues are relative to a persons personal belief, personal circumstance, or just general point of view. There are very few issues that I will get me revved up enough to flat out say “YOU’RE WRONG” before a persons argument and “YOU’RE WRONG” after. Torture itself is a discussion. I’m avidly against it because not only is it inhumane and psychologically bad for the interrogator. It doesn’t work. Is water boarding torture? Yep, it is. I can’t comprehend the reasoning of the other side. If it’s conceivably helps our people stay safe from the boogie man we can smudge the definition of a word? What? What’s also fishy is that the side of our government who harp most about the necessity of religious values and morality is the side who thinks these circumstantial distortions are justified in the name of civil security.

What I think doesn’t mean anything… but it feels good to express my nothingness.

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