He’s kind of a big deal

I did start a post about Christmas/holidays and family… touchy feely stuff that got complicated and wordy so I decided to move on for now, I may go back to it after Christmas. This post I aim to talk about another subject that’s popped up just last week. It’s inspired me to create a wallpaper and listen to theme music repeatedly. None other than that egotistical fictional icon from my youth Duke Nukem. The guys at 3D Realms came out with a teaser last Wednesday breaking a hiatus of nothing for a officially substantial couple year period… nearly 10 year period for me. I gave up on a new game when their website switched to saying “When it’s Done.”

Blond military style crew-cut, tank top showing off a ripping bicep that slowly, easily, reps a massive dumb-bell in a dark room while wearing sunglasses, smoking a big stogy, and a ready beer beside him. He drops the weight, stands up and calmly blows smoke in your face. The cliche self-absorbed, larger-than-life, testosterone filled action hero personified in every extreme. If I didn’t know the guy I probably wouldn’t have even opened the teaser, like so many other games that have been released in the last 10 year… has it been 10 years already?

The beer on the ground with a label only viewable by pausing and zooming shows the only hint of the developers sense of detail and humor. “Scores: all the time.” This interactive creativity and wit is what made so many gamers love Duke Nukem. The replay-ability of single player because even after you beat the levels there are functional secrets and easter eggs that often also reward you with funny one liners from Duke. You find a hung Luke Skywalker “Now this is a force to be reckoned with.” The final level of one of the episodes you can blow up a Duff Beer blimp. In multi-player some of the best maps were actually single player levels, which says something about how non-linear the levels can be. Imagine that, explorable levels in a FPS…

I look forward to dukematch again. deathmatch= fun through competition, if you don’t practice you suck, dukematch from my memory=just have fun, if you suck… just give em hell as best you can. There are plenty of options for that.

Needless to say, when Duke Nukem Forever comes out I’ll be updating my system to play it.

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