*shudder* I hope Huckabee doesn’t win.

“I’m a Huckabee supporter because who else can get Chuck Norris?” asked Gabe Smith, 18, from Wakefield, New Hampshire who described himself as a professional skateboarder. When pressed, he added, “I like it that he doesn’t support the gays. That ain’t right, that ain’t in the Bible. He’s not supporting the civil union thing.”

I don’t know if this speaks worse for Huckabee, or for the journalist that chose this quote but use these phrase and envision them as the summary of American government and people. I hope that’s not the basis behind Huckabees supporters… America would be come the scariest place on the planet. I would volunteer to join a civil war if it meant saving my girl from that sort of world. Luckily this wont be the commonality driving all Republicans. They aren’t all so selfish as to vote based on narrow, superficial opinions.

Just a little rant defending the constitution:

The constitution may have been mostly founded by Christians (Franklin and Jefferson were deist) but they all agreed on a document that protected the personal liberty of ALL from the federal government. We were also established as a republic to keep one bias from creating liberties for themselves… which is what marriage currently is.

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