My Welcome Guts

I could have sworn that I’ve written since November… it’s been a fast couple months.  Caitlin starting working at Bare Essentials to make us some extra money.  I went two weeks without a job due to it being slow.  Lore I think has been sick at least twice since then.  Caitlin just had a tonsillectomy last Friday as a preliminary for getting a biopsy on some lumps in her neck.  She doesn’t get results until the 6th of Feb.  On the up side she says she’s able to take deeper breaths with her tonsils out.  She’s been pretty hungry since she’s only able to eat soft foods.  Mashed potatoes, jello, popsicles, etc.  On one hand she’s looking forward to the weight loss, on the other she’s just plain hungry and anything she eats tastes too salty because of the condition of her throat.  It’s also been hard on her not being able to play with Lorelai… Lorelai doesn’t seem to mind, but I don’t think that helps Caitlin’s much.
Anyway, a lot of other stuff has been going on.  I’m taking three classes at Institute for Jedi Realist Studies.  Jedi Studies 101, Personal 101, and Meditation 101.  I’m hoping that if I put in the time, maybe allow them to help me unlearn some things my mind will open to something new.  It’s a generally positive thing over all.  In Personal 101 the instructor gives a perspective based on the theme of the lesson; such as Greatness.  We’re asked to discuss a couple of our heroes by describing their admirable traits.  Then we’re asked to compare those admirable traits to ourselves… the point is self realization of your own influence and greatness.  We were also asked to describe a quote about how a person’s greatest fear is their own greatness… interesting.
I lost my flow, so I guess I’m done with this post.