Taco Bell pastor

**This story has been modified for cohesiveness. I don’t remember everything to exact detail…

I was reading a Social-Science Commentary on the Letters of Paul in my car during lunch when I was interrupted by a man getting out of his SUV… a big, blue, Ford I think… possibly Chev. “Getting ready for a theology test?”
“Something like that,” I said barely looking up at the late-middle aged man wearing sunglasses.
“What school do you go to?” he persisted while getting something out of his truck.
I looked up at him again… he had a mustache that was a little longer and more scruffy around a bump on the side of his mouth. I think I was gauging whether I’d rather read or let the guy in a little and let him choose to end the conversation. “I don’t go to school, I’m just reading for fun.”
“You’re studying the Bible? For fun?” I think he was genuinely impressed.
“Yeah… well I’m an atheist reading…”
“You’re an atheist?”
“Really an atheist?”
“Yeah… agnostic atheist technically. I don’t know there isn’t a god, I just believe there isn’t.”
“So you’re agnostic…” The guy goes off on being a pastor and the odds of prophesies coming true… I had no knowledge of the prophesies let alone the statistics he was spouting off on, no surprise that I can’t tell you exactly what was said. Whenever I thought of something to say or ask he kept on going… and the moment and relevance was gone along with my attention on whatever I was thinking.
I managed to ask what one of the prophesies were.
“Jericho,” He said simply. “The archeology confirms the wall fell flat, just like it says in the Bible. I saw pictures.”
“Ok I’ll look it up,” I said. I did look it up on wiki… not really a scholarly resource, but it’s good for an over-view to see if I wanted to delve in further.
‘The simple fact is that there is no mention of the Hebrews or Israelites in any text from Canaan, Egypt, or elsewhere in the Near East before 1207 B.C. And yet there should be if the Exodus took place in 1450 B.C. and the Israelite conquest of Canaan took place in 1410 of 1400 B.C., because there are plenty of Canaanite and Egyptian texts what could have mentioned them if they were present.’ – Eric H. Cline on Page 116 of From Eden to Exile: Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible, National Geographic Society.
The guy (Eric Cline) has scholarly credentials as long as my arm… depending on the font size anyway. I’m going to stop caring and take his word for it until someone shows me otherwise. http://home.gwu.edu/~ehcline/
The pastor also told me about archeologists finding chariot wheels in the Red Sea at Gulf of Aquaba… look that up too… Ron Wyatt doesn’t seem to well received to this field and none of his findings can be confirmed. And there was only one wheel reported. You judge for yourself though:

At some point the pastor stated that he studied physics and described that statistics are they know how many atomic particles to shoot into a core for nuclear core for making a nuclear bomb go off, that’s what he was interested in. And what are the odds that he would park next to me at that specific time of day… “We both arrived here for lunch… why does it have to mean something?” I said, or something to that effect. He talked about how God works through everything and so on. I kept bringing up that I’ve come here for lunch a couple times… funny thing is that since then I’ve seen his SUV on three occasions and him on one of those.

From statistics he went to describing why shaking a bag of watch parts wouldn’t make a watch, thus life can’t come from nothing. And he I told him it’s not the same thing… but couldn’t think of the words to articulate. I was kicking myself because I knew what he was saying was complete BS… he’s just switching up the argument Way of the Master uses all the time. He even went on to describe the complexity of the eye, and no transitional fossils, and DNA being code… old arguments long gone over. Ask me if you want my take on them.

Funny how he just has to plea ignorance and hope that I’m not carrying around fossil records… which I should print off and keep in my car from now on. When I tried talking about Chromosome 2 I choked and tried calling it mitochondria… wtf? And I didn’t bring up ERV’s… which in my mind is the cardinal argument for common ancestry. I’m just a little annoyed because I just watched this video earlier in the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1fGkFuHIu0 – Oh well, failure to remember will just make the topics stick better.

Looking back, he was a nice guy who seemed sincere. He prayed with me/for me right there and then… which was a little awkward, but I rolled with it. We touched a little on other stuff like words, cosmology, faith, and how god works through things. He enjoyed my saying that the only people who claim to be full (gnostic) atheist are actually just bitter theists. I think he got that I was an honest guy who was really seeking truth, and he honestly believed I would find my way back to Christianity. I basically told him if there’s a God, it’s basically up to him… it was a good lunch break. Good times.

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