Dream of Flying

I had a continuation dream last night… meaning the dream I had last night is like a second episode to a dream I’ve had once before. It’s interesting that I never end up recalling my dreams unless they’re in a story format and usually there needs to be more than one of similar context before I pay them any notice.

I had the first dream some time this year… sometime in January I think. As you’d expect in the dream I play the protagonist.  What may be a little odd is that the protagonist and other characters in most of my dreams don’t have much in the way of physical details. They’re all basically just conceptual. I don’t know what I’m wearing and don’t conceive of what I look like. I may notice clothing on other people, but that’s more of a reference as to who and where they are in dreamy space/time. I never notice the head unless there’s some feature of particular interest there.

Anyway, this dream seems to occur around an air strip of some sort, all I recall is pavement and the curved warehouses you typically see at older airports. There is also a white single winged, single engine prop-plane (plane with a propeller) with an open cockpit… actually it went back and forth with the cock pit.

In the first dream my father bought this white plane but he wasn’t going to use it for whatever reason so I needed to take care of it. Then he was gone. The rest of the dream is even more vague. The most vivid memory is flying the plane into a landing on a short landing strip that was surrounded with trees and grass where curly hair girl and overall mechanic guy were waiting and thought it was a pretty special thing to do. The youngish female with curly hair, locks similar to what Brigid Brannagh usually has going on, and a mechanic that always wore tan overalls originated at the airport. I don’t remember any middle story.

The second dream the plane is there and for some reason the airport turned into more of a little strip of pavement like a boat dock for air planes to park and take off from. Curly hair girl was flustered that it was being so used and she made a new rule that planes needed insurance to use that strip… which reduced it to just mechanic guy and her… and I was looking for my paperwork because I recall my father talking extensively about it. I looked in the glove box… because planes have glove boxes, duh! My truck… because I own a old ~50’s pickup in my dream. Then a black leather pouch beside the plane… because dad needed his extra books and nick-knacks that he couldn’t put in the open-cockpit. I remember that there were some games from my mom’s usual rack of games in the pouch; I also remembering that I’m in a dream and thought it was silly. There were also lots of various papers and books. Then I asked curly hair girl what I was looking for and she mentioned the name of an insurance company, Platz I think (doesn’t really exist, I looked it up), and as soon as she said the name I found the yellow carbon-type paper. No idea where it came from other than a plastic baggie of various other papers.

To celebrate we flew to a movie in Salem… it was like a fly-in movie theater similar to the old drive-ins (there’s still one in Newberg). I was scared shitless because I had never dealt with air-traffic control and I anticipated being the cause of a sky-wreck. Luckily I was flying on the top of a large jet instead, which accidentally side-swipped another jet causing me to fall into the corner of two perpendicular white walls and slide down into a shelf at which point I blacked out and woke up to an alarm that I thought was mine, but turned out to be Caitlin’s first alarm clock of the morning.

After Caitlin went to her shower I was back asleep again at the movie with curly hair girl and overall guy. I don’t remember the movie, but I do remember holding curly hair up to the light of the screen and thinking curly, helix, hair was pretty freaking weird.


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