Family Ethics

Dramatic entertainment thrives on the blurred line which divides good and bad in our ethical framework. I’m in the middle of two TV show (Chuck and Prison Break), the Terrorism Expatriation Act that is in the news today, and the immigrant laws being enforced in AZ right now are all doing a pretty good job of making me think about rights and wrongs on a personal and social level.

How many people ever run into a situation where they have to choose between saving someone they love, saving themselves, or saving a multitude of people? Few are in a place to choose what happens to people suspected of willful treason who’s actions could mean the lives of fellow citizens. I don’t know anyone who can give me a straight answer on how immigration, drug trafficking, minimum wadge, and all of the other affected issues should be managed.

There is always a tic, tac, or toe involved with the morality I’m talking about. Who looses the toe; or at least get a tack in the butt? Does it matter whether what you perceive as a chop is a tic in your opponent’s win-column? How much satisfaction in a punishment is wrapped up in the perception of the punished? For instance: prison is a reliable roof and a meal with limited freedom; tax payers flip the bill because those who don’t play nice need discipline. This is a win-win to some people… they prefer crime and prison to society. I’m sure that this thought bothers people. A prescribed punishment should be unfavorable in the very least; preferably unpleasant, right?

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this… just thinking out loud, so to speak. I could easily concoct some blather about humanism and religion and compare divine mandate to natural selection or game theory. Don’t worry, I wont go there. What I would like to ponder for a bit is law; the tool put in place by those we elect to maintain civility in our social world. It’s pretty interesting and I think that the basis of it spreads wider than most people initially perceive.

Stay tuned, that will be the next post. *NM, that train of thoght is lost for the moment. 🙂