Duke Nukem Forever: 12 Years Dashed?

Player Name for friending: nitsudstems

-Note: When talking about other games their single player campaign is implied… until I get to test the multiplayer.

-Also: There are topless girls with bikini bottoms in this game and really, really blatant innuendo. I’m indifferent to it but some people might care.

~2hr mark – 06-18-2011
I was tired when I started and expecting to head to bed because I need to be up early tomorrow… yet it’s midnight and I’m reluctant to stop. That bodes pretty well for once-through playability. It’s Halo retooled for a human protagonist… rather than having a solid level like in Duke Nukem 3D so far it’s just been a series of hallways. I hope it’s not Halo all the way through, that was a playable but underwhelming game.

~7hr mark – 06-20-2011
I’ve noticed the music on more than one occasion… it’s can be pretty sweet and matches to the levels pretty well. The game has actually gotten more fun once I got to the “Duke Dome”. The “teehee” and “this is actually pretty sweet” moments are actually coming more frequently and it feels a little more like a Duke game to me. I would actually put it on par with Half Life 2… which is 7 years old, but that’s still saying something in my eyes. I haven’t really gotten into the whole realistic ops phase of first person shooters which have become prevalent since consoles could handle this kind of thing so perhaps my perspective is a little retro. But all excuses aside, I’m genuinely enjoying Duke Nukem Forever.

~12.3hr mark – 06-21-2011
That’s all there is to the single player campaign; pretty short game for having over a decade to work on it so the customer can pay $50 to play. The end promises a sequel and the game package says there will be downloadable content later in the summer; hopefully that means free downloaded expansion? Who knows. Yeah, once you get past the initial stage the environment feels more Duckish, interacts a lot like Half-Life 2, with the hud/life system of Halo. I still can say I enjoyed the single player and the cheesy console-like achievements are actually pretty fun challenges tempting me to play though again (much slower) on “Damn I’m Good” mode while keeping Duke’s gold gun the whole game. After I get the petty achievments like killing all the cat fish and finding the ego boosts. But tomorrow hopefully the real fun begins: Dukematch!

Ending SP Note: There’s already youtube videos and info online for achievements that aren’t skill based. Search and you will find.

06-23-2011 – Getting my twitch on

Playing online is chaotic fun; mostly 8 player holy-crap fests so far. I need to get the rust out of my twitch reflexes but I’m interested in sticking with it. We’ll see how it goes. BTW: Love the shotgun 🙂