Status Update of June 2012

It seems inevitable that I make blog posts when I comment on another blog since every time I do that I go through a massive effort to find the password that works for my account.

I updated the blog theme so it looks less like an OSX desktop.  The leatheryness seems oddly cozy some how.  Like I could drink some grog and tell stories of killing dragons in it.  Yeah, I started a new char in Skyrim because playing the Diablo III demo put me in the mood to play a hack-and-slash but I didn’t care for the story or game dynamics of the game.  Using alternate beginning and no fast travel mod while cranking the difficulty to master has made it a different game.  Good fun, but probably boring.

Following up on past posts, I’m still awaiting a new phone.  I’m almost certain that I’ll be purchasing the S3 this weekend as a fathers day gift but since it’s a pre-order I wont actually get it in my hands until July (hopefully).  Apple is being a punk and using copyright law to keep the S3 from getting into the states, hopefully I don’t have to wait longer than the official launch date.  I’m getting the pre-order because I want to keep my unlimited data plan.  I’m getting the S3 because it’s the only phone worth it’s money that’s out at vzw.

Things seem pretty mellow in my head right now.  On the philosophical wandering side of my interests I mean.  Christianity has lost much of it’s mystery and challenge and atheism is a non-starter without the contrast.  I’ve turned my interest to human history but tools I need to record and link things while I explore don’t exist which means I’ve slowly… oh so slowly started to learn Java/Android development.  So pretty much all that I’m interested in on the philosophical front is waylaid until I get a grip on databasing in Java to put together dynamic interface I want but doesn’t exist to my knowledge.

In other news, Avengers is awesome, Snow White and the Huntsman (Bella and the Thunder God) was okay, and Silence of the Lamps was pretty interesting.  Yeah, I didn’t get around to seeing Silence of the Lambs until this last weekend.


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