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Intent (What most would consider the spiritual soul)
Most of my time-based resources are being used up on our new baby boy. Yup, my wife (Caitlin) and I had a son on September 8th. His name is Atticus and over-all we’re adjusting to each other fairly well I think. Our 5 year old daughter has been fairly sensitive because of our fatigued patience and attention. At least she loves her brother and has no resentment toward him, she seems to get that the change is between her and us. Fairly mature of her, I think.

It’s hard for her because while we, the parents, vow up and down to still love her unconditionally from her perspective she obviously isn’t getting the availability or reciprocation she is used to. We can’t ask her to be patient and wait promising that things will go back to what they were because her brother and our devotion to him is as permanent as it is with her. There is no way compensate for her feeling out of place because it’s really up to her to come to terms with thie reality-shift. All we can do as parents is keep interacting with her so she can work out the new consistency and find her footing again. She also needs to do the same with others in her life… she isn’t the only cute one to dote on any more.  It’s tough, but I’m optimistic; her surface temperament is fragile but I think her inner constitution will stay resilient.

I’m a bit short-tempered right now because of the tax our new baby is putting on sleep and patience. This lack of energy is also leading me to veg-out more which puts me in a self-shaming spiral of feeling lazy and unaccomplished. Maintaining awareness of this has kept me from letting that negativity spill onto most around me but it’s hard with my daughter who is having an intense desire for reciprocation right now.

Gave up Convict Conditioning for the Batman Body Workout at I got discouraged with the former because I wasn’t progressing.  From reading and relating to my reading on weight training I think it may be because to gain strength you’re supposed to lift heavy.  Exercises for strength gains should only max around 8 reps, CC had me going up around 30.  BBW does a better job of spending my muscle energy in few reps/times and in the couple weeks I’ve done it half-assed I have already made progress with my movements and core strength.  Also it’s more fun because I’ve never explored doing planches or levers before.  Change of pace for sure.

What sucks is that I’m sick right now… throbbing head thanks to some kind of sinus thing. I think I’ll still try and make it through my workout tonight; at least get a few sets in.

A lot of researching and brainstorming going on. Too much pie in the sky to get into from scratch but it has to do with everything, programming, and chipping away at planning a business plan.

There seems to be a general calm in the social rhetoric right now… even the circle-jerking seems to be at a low. I’m not sure if it’s because the federal election is pretty much in the bag or if people are waiting for other things to happen but it’s kind of eerie.