Why? Because. That’s why ;Þ

I got back from Medford about 12:30 this morning. A whole lot got crammed in to the last three days, accumilativly it can be summed up by the phrase ‘Kick Ass!’ It would make for a long story, but I’ll just give the highlights. I was proud of myself for making it to Medford in around four hours, a pretty good run for not speeding, too much. Get to the apartment of my old friend of 7 years, Justin Bullen. Sara, Justin’s GF of 2 years, is the one there to greet me. I tried finding the practice pad for Justin’s band out in the boondox’s, but no luck. Wake up the next morning to Kitty attacking my foot with razer sharp claws. It was on then, I played with the cat for about an hour before Justin and Sara woke up, my hands are decorated with about a hundred nicks and cuts now. They havn’t named their 1 year old little black cat so they just call her Kitty, or stupid, or shit-head depending on their feelings for the cat while their talking to it.

That day was filled with the wanderings of old high school days. Getting in the car and driving before we actually descide. Driving around a block a few times, getting odd looks from the locals. We eventually ran a few errands for Sara, then went to see my other family at Justin’s parents house. Had some laughs, talked of times and caught up. Then we went to meet with our ol’ pal Muttly at Abby’s. I don’t know his real name, but he made one of the greatest pizza’s I’ve tasted, The Muttly Special. Invented by him, of course. Instead of traditional tomato paste pizza sauce he uses ranch. Yes, as in the salad dressing. Top that with three cheeses, chicken, and bacon… the most filling and wholy unhealthy pizza you’ll eat, but oh so good. But I didn’t feel my arterys clogging until Jusin and I took a shot of ranch from the dipping sauce cups. Ahhh, it’s nice being around friends you can connect with again*dabs at a tear*. After that Justin and I went to Guitar Center and jammed on various instriments.

Did a few other things that would take lots of past explaining to understand their signifigance. Eventually wound up back at the house waiting for the party to start. Justin and Sara called up some friends and bought some booze. Sum up is that one person showed up with his GF. I watched them get drunk while watching American Wedding then Justin passed out in the bed and everyone else went to sleep. One of these days I’ll probably just say, “f’ it” take Justin’s bottle of Jack and chug it and get drunk. Just one of those wierd things that some how got hard-wired into my head that I’m thinking about igoring because I want find out how bad of a mistake it would really be.

I’ll tell the next day in my next update, after a shower.