Holy Sunday Batman!!

It’s been a busy day. Woke up, with Lindsay. She spent the night, in an innocent way. FYI, we’ve been around eachother quite a bit over a few weeks without any inter-active melt-downs. We’ve had fun times, and I don’t just mean physically. She complained about how I was venting about her earlier on in my live journal, but I never say anything good. So there you have it, something a little more personal than I usually like to give 😉

Anyway, we went to breakfast with Justin and Sara. I had this great omlette. So good. Yummy. Then we took Lindsay back to the appartment so she could take her car back home… she had to work. The rest of us went in search of the place Justin’s band, Three Day GirlFriend, was going to play. It’s this little saloon in portland near burnside. Anyway, Justin wasn’t feeling so hot, so I dropped them off back at their hotel and went home to crash myself.

A couple of hours later Jessica and Luc came over for a little get-together. We had yummy ribs and watched Patch Adams. I love that movie. After dinner I went back to the saloon where Justin and the band were waiting to set up. I sat around and talked to Sara while Justin exerted nervous energy on the Astroids machine and a beer. They finally set up, sound tested and played.

Three Day GirlFriend is a metal like band… sort of… don’t know how to classify them. It consists of Justin: uber drummer, Josh: Vocals, Dan: Guitar 1, Carrey: Guitar 2, and P..aul?: Bass. I always have troubles remembering his name because I don’t talk to him much. Anyway, they sounded pretty good. I was a little disapointed though because the sound wasn’t mixed right(I think). I wasn’t able to hear the details in the guitar or bass parts. Most of the time it just hit you as a wall of chorded noise changing in sink. Some of their songs have rad, distinked riffs; but I could barely pick them out this time around. I also couldn’t really understand what Josh was singing… but I guess that’s normal.

Anyway, now my ears are ringing like mad, I’m tired, I’m going to bed. Peace out everybody.

Dog Days

First off, a continuation of my BnB blog post. It’s a girl! Old news though; we’ve known for over a month now. Soon after she was pinned with the name Lorelai Elizabeth Jeffery. Kinda rolls off the toung, I think. Another newer thing, you can sometimes feel her kicking Caitlin. It’s not much. Little love taps… or bored taps, what have you. Aparently she bobs around in there too. Bouncing from bottom to top, back again, then both at once while sicking an arm out to the side. Lastnight Caitlin said she was tap dancing with quick little jabs. How else would she keep entertained while trapped in a bubble? lol

In other news, I got a second job. I’ll be Mr. Boarding person for Central Bark; a doggy daycare. I’ll be working the night shifts cleaning up the play area and taking care of the dogs who are staying over night. I don’t get to have a dog, or any pet, yet so this will be a welcome experience. A little different from sitting on my butt answering phones. More importantly, extra money.