A weekend gone

The weekend went by a quicker than I’d like. There was so much plan hopping that in-between lazy times were scarce and short. Friday night was the birthday of Caitlin’s bro, Evin. There were video games played, communing with friends, presents opened, and Golden Compass was watched. Then more video games and visitation until around 1 or 2am the next day. Highlights were interaction times with games, talking about games of old, minor speaking of politics, and more. Occasionally I’d drop by Caitlin for kisses while she chatted with Jenny or one of the others. Sometimes she’d come to me too. By the end of the night I merely listened as Kip and Meghan chat about family and property law while holding my limp little girl. I love holding Lorelai even when she’s an exhausted beyond hope of rousing. It was her first night being babysat, and she’s always tired after a busy event with lots of people. Good times were had all around.

Saturday all I remember is getting up earlier than I’d like letting Caitlin sleep for a spell longer since Lorelai decided to stay up a few hours longer than us. I got a bottle ready for Lorelai. Meghan stayed the night, so she was there and ready to feed Lorelai while watching Little House on the Prairie. Don’t think that was her first choice of shows. The baby would be traded off here and there as people changed their doings. Evin playing Mario Galaxy while I topped off my belly with cold pizza. Leza was around doing house things.

*The names of dogs below have been changed for their protection*

Began at the doggy daycare around 2:30. There were 3 dogs hyper-active dogs boarding. A German Short-haired Pointer (Holly), a Springer Spaniel (Thomas), and some kind of Terrier of medium size with a furry muzzle (Tramp). The Holly and Thomas recognised me from previous boardings. All kinds of jumping, whining, and happiness. Walking around the edge of the room is a good way of getting them active (and hopefully tired) since they inevitably interact while climbing over one another and proceed to chase each other around the room. Then they wrestle pull each others ears, etc etc. Very effective and entertaining. Pretty typical night once they were in the kennels. Holly bouncing on the chain-link walls whenever I walk by. Thomas sits there wagging his tail rappidly looking awkward. Tramp usually just wagged his tail expectantly.

Sunday I woke late. Went to Caitlin and Lorelai for 10 minutes before departing for The Hitman with Evin and his dad, Brent. Movie ends, book it to Caitlin and Lorelai again for 45 minutes before work.

Doggy Daycare: Four boarding. Holly and Thomas are still there. Then we also got a little chocolate colored Terrier (BamBam) with big pointy ears and a Black Lab (Pam). They were both pretty uneventful and often overshadowed by the hyper sporting dogs. Holly really shined when I brought out a ball. She’s a real leaper, easily able to snatch the ball with my hand at about head level. I’m 6’2″ and she comes up to my lower chest when on hind legs. She could probably jump out of her kennel if she tried. Poor Thomas rarely got the ball Holly was so fast. The lab and terrier had no clue what was going on so they would just come play with me or bark at the two sprinters excitedly. Scrub scrub, mop mop, go home to Caitlin and Lorelai for the night. Lorelai was awake and active, so I played with her until she became disinterested and wanting food.

For Now

Golden Compass (Movie)

Quick and sweet:
I liked it. Dakota Blue Richards played Lyra perfectly, imo. The plot came at you rapid fire, the fictional technology was fascinating.  Armored warrior polar bears, gypsies out for revenge, cute animals, and a wise old cowboy pilot with a sixshooter. Just remember that it’s a fantasy and you’ll sink right in.

Long winded and chewy:
First off, I read the first part of Golden Compass… I stopped reading between page 75 and 100 because it was just too slow and I get distracted easily. But from the small bit of the story I gleaned from the book I’d say the movie did a pretty good job of telling the part I knew. And unlike the book, the movie is very fast paced. The same rapid pace I felt when watching Arthur and the Minimoys/Invisibles. I think this aspect actually did the book credit in my eyes; now I want to take another stab at reading it so I can fill the in-betweens.

As I said above, Dakota Blue Richards played Lyra perfectly in my opinion. In the book I found it hard to believe how Lyra’s lies and stories got through to anyone, children included. Dakota showed it to me. I actually like her character more now. Pam, her daemon, was also portrayed well.

My biggest disappointment when comparing the book to the movie was Lord Asriel portrayed by Mr. Bond, Daniel Craig. I thought he basically played his bond character. Warm and witty. Outwardly a well-shaven fellow with something to hide. One can easily tell that he’s on the good side. Reading the book I envisioned someone similar to Arthas from Warcraft III. Larger than life, intimidating, ruthless and on a mission. He’s on his own side, but you don’t know much more than that. Off his wide shoulders drape fur hides making him look even bigger. He’s short tempered with a cold demeanor. No one dared cross him to his face, including Lyra. Lyra feared and respected him profoundly. She also cared deeply for his well being and for her standing in his eyes. I noticed the movie’s portrayal because his character is my favorite so far. I look forward to reading about him and Stelmaria later in the books. Speaking of which his daemon, Stelmaria, was not as intimidating in the movie as I remember from the book either. Luckily his character doesn’t show up much in the plot so a watered down interpretation doesn’t break anything. All in all I think I see why the change helped this flick in the end based on a certain family secret. Describing further may be a spoiler to some. Read comments for further explanation.

Everyone liked the warrior polar bears. Even people who didn’t like the movie as a whole enjoyed the bears. They were awesome. I wont go too in depth about them because it would be hard to not ruin some great moments. Worth waiting to see, definitely.

Something I was in-awe by that others may not have noticed was the technology. The zeppelins and other floating ships were propelled by some kind of booster engines with gyroscopes. They(the engines) looked mostly a bronze/copper color so they had kind of a steampunkish feel about them. The body of main zeppelin was a regal red color. I love floating ships. They also had bronze/copper wind up bugs and of course the golden compass with twirling gears. Cool cool cool.

The daemon animation and portrayal was pretty cool too. Pam, Lyra’s daemon, would shape shift in the blink of an eye. A cat, a lynx, a mouse, a sparrow, a gull, a ferret to name a few of the shapes. Way cool. In the book he turns into a dragon to scare off a gypsy boys daemon. “No imagination,” he says smugly. The movie didn’t show that, unfortunately.

I may add more later if anything comes to mind, but I recommend seeing this one. I don’t think the big screen really added to the experience though.

Moving eh? Wait, since when did you care about politics?

I figured that I should post a positive blog for once. My blogs in general are few and far between… and they usually happen when I’m ranting. This one is no exception, but I’ll wait to bore ppl with that later 🙂

Hopefully if everything goes according to plan I’ll be moving to Beaverton this weekend. 5 minutes from Caitlin and both jobs will be awesome on many counts. Commuting half an hour per trip 7 days a week isn’t exactly good for my car or my wallet (or the environment from what pple say). Its a really nice apartment built in 2001ish, all pristine and shiny. 2bd, 2bth, decent sized kitchen, washer and dryer in unit, down Scholls Ferry Rd.west of 217. Yeah, I get my own bathroom; which gets shared with visitors. Not a bad gig. I’ll post again after the move to confirm how wonderful it is.

On to the other agenda, while at my phone support job I figure that with all my mindlessness that I can keep up with news and stuff on the side. Before that I would just pick up on random things that people ranted about, pick up my own opinions on various matters, then apathetically move on with my puny life. It’s funny that once I started actually educating myself on domestic and national events around me I suddenly started giving a damn. I’d find myself saying, “WTF? What are they thinking? What are we thinking!?” Just in time for the primary too. The most important thing that I came across was a video of a class called Constitution Class for Patriots of the USA Republic. Yeah, the guy is kind of radical and he kind of sounds like he’s pushing an agenda; but he does it for a reason. He wants people to stop being apathetic and to start paying attention to what our government is doing to us and to others. If you’re old enough to vote, the United States government is your responsibility. These aren’t his words. They’re the words of our founding fathers that setup this government in the Declaration of Independence and the united States Constitution. I think he does very well in describing the history and text of the document… I’ve only seen the first three and a half videos so far (it’s an eight our class), but I’ve stayed engaged all the way up to this point and I want to watch it all.

The first video is here, try to watch the first part. Tell me what you think. You can follow the links after that if you want.  Video

I also ran into the philosophical/religeous side of U-Tube and the rebuttles… wow. But that’s another story. 🙂

Maybe I should be a Pedestrian

Starting on a positive note, I fixed Caitlin’s toilet. At least I’m good for something right? Bah, so I was driving to work yesterday morning (Fri, 17th) when, about West Linn I noticed that my heater was only blowing cold air even though the temerature gauge said that the car was warm, I knew that was bad but what could I do? I’m driving to work. So I keep going while watching the that temperature gauge, it was fine for a while. When I happened to glance down while on that I-205 to I-5 curve the needle was on H and my water light was on. I immediatly pull over and pop the hood… but it’s 5:30am so there’s no light, I forgot about the hand crank flash light in the glove box but there was nothing I could besides conferming what I already knew. I was out of water. So I called work, let it sit for a few minutes started it up. *Good, the engine didn’t weld itself solid* I thought, even though my reasoning told my that would be impossible since I caught it so quickly. I just went up the gas station off the Tualatin-Sherwood exit and filled it with water to find where the water was coming from. The back, or side of the engine and I knew it wasn’t the heater core because I could see those hoses back there. It was probably the water pump.

So here I am the next morning at Caitlin’s, since her mom was kind enough to give me a ride from my doggy daycare job. Jessica, Caitlin’s long time friend, gave me a ride from Stream to doggy daycare. It looks like I had another option for fixing the car that I didn’t know about, a connection Caitlin’s mom knows who fixes cars. Turns out he knows my Aunt and Uncle, and has met my father before. He has a shop and, apon discussing my possibilities with me, it looks like I could have taken the car there to work on it myself with his coaching if need be. If only I had known before hand, I’ve fixed harder things on a car than a water pump; I just didn’t have the place or the jacks for the job. Now the shop I took it too already has the front end apart waiting for a belt tensioner of all things. We’re going to see if we can get it for cheaper, but the damage is done and it’ll cost more than I can comfortibly afford.

Birds and the bees – note: msg me to get prefered

Well, Caitlin’s announced it and my sister is raving about it so I may as well put it out there for anyone who happens by my site. Last Monday (3-12-2007) just after getting in my car after work Caitlin called me to let me know that she just took a pregnancy test and it showed as positive. A lot seems to have happened in a week and a half. I’ve been ecstatic, worried, stressed, or all of these at once. I even cried in sheer relief and happiness at one point; and I haven’t cried since around 2002. It’s been pretty intense.

My strongest feeling toward the matter is happiness, believe it or not. I’m going to be a dad. Caitlin and I are creating this person who we’ll raise, nurture, mentor, and provide for. I can’t wait to meet them. I can’t think of a greater tangible reason for getting up and going to work, doing taxes, and finding another job. The motivation is wonderful.

I’m also stressed and lacking some sleep for the same reason. There are only a couple more things I can really accomplish before it’s just throwing resumes at job postings by the handful week after week. I’m pretty confidant that Comcast will call me back for the com tech job, which would be awesome. At least half again what I’m making now plus better bennies. But I have to assume the worst. Our baby isn’t going to wait for the perfect job, so I can’t either. If anyone sees anything entry level or computer related that pays above $15/hr throw me a line.

I’ve been blogged!!!ing

..> …>

Hello world. I descided to write a blog about something. What should it be? I don’t know. I can’t talk about work, even though good stuff has been happening. I can say that it’s prompted a creative streak in me that seems to have lasted longer than other hobbylistic spells I’ve had. I’ve been teaching myself to notice features and mimic character drawings so I can start seeing what makes characters recodnizable. My main focus is to up my creative ability so I can make somewhat descent Flash animation. Who knows how long this intrest will last, I may never get around to producing the ideas I have. I can be rather flighty with this kind of thing; I think the only reason I’ve lasted so long with this is how multi-dementional and puzzeling paper drawing and object/vector modeling animation can be.

What else? I still have Caitlin, she’s on her bed reading LOTR for Tolkien class. I finished the Witch Hunter Robin anime yesterday, which I recomend. It’s one of the better drawn anime’s I’ve seen. Hmm… well dinner is about ready… thanks for reading!


Time for a new year

Hey! It’s a tri-year update! (Just to appease those P.C. folks, I posted 4 months ago and made 5 posts before that. My basis for saying tri-year, if you haven’t figured it out, is if I keep up the time gap of 4 months.)

Well, Christmas has passed. A new year approaches. What has happened since I posted last?

*Caitlin and I are still together (Not a “happened”, but certainly a noteworthy #1)
*My birthday
Novemburr (Thanks Happy Feet Commercials)
*Caitlin & fam. help me make a super resume (Meghan included, which was most helpful)
*Caitlin, Evin, Meghan, and I stayed in line waiting for a couple Wii’s
*The Wii is extremely fun and definitely worth a try for even the non-gamer.
*Start playing L.O.Zelda, Twilight Princess.
*Got a suite jacket and slacks for interviews
*I got a new coat, and it’s a color: green
*Car (1995 Geo Metro: green) making a loud ticky/knocking sound
*Borrow grandpa’s 70’s Chevy truck. ~7 miles/gal
*Interview with Canby School District, to no avail
*Over the course of 1.5 cold weeks in Caitlin’s mom’s driveway under the car after work. I checked the lifters and lower end. Metal shards in the oil pan, rod bearings were shot and the sound remains when I replace those. Upon reading and thinking, it’s a piton knock. Time for a new car or a new engine.
*Grandpa helped me get a car, and what a car it is. 1999 Plymouth Breeze.
*May end up fixing the Geo in time… yet to decide. I drove it clicking and knocking from Beaverton to Oregon City to sit for a while.
*Baby attack at Grandparents Christmas party. All but 3 cousins and I are un-married/engaged with kids. Does that encourage me to hurry up? Hell no.
*Stayed the night at mom’s house Christmas eve so that I’d wake up there for a family-ish Christmas
*Caitlin’s house that afternoon for a feast with her inner family plus an aunt Sue and uncle Steve
*Go back to work at Phone Support job that I still have…

I may post again before the year ends with thoughts, for now I need to brush my teeth and sleep. In other news, Caitlin is pressing me to update my space. I’ll probably do that soonish… meh.