Where do I begin. It’s been a while and a half since I even looked at this. Life’s been a little busy. I think what happened after the last update was my car, the POS Peugeot, it’s transmission locked up while I was driving. It just froze, right there in the middle of the road. Since it was locked up I couldn’t push it off of the road. It took two other guys stopping to help rock it out of its jam and then it ran perfectly fine. WTF?!

Two or three days later I tried to get a new car. I researched. I oogled at cars I couldn’t afford and eventually found a nice ’95 Nissan Altima in Salem for $3000. Applied for three loans, all three declined. Boom. Dead in the water. So much for that, eh?

Thanksgiving was fun. Got up to have breakfast with my father. He lives at his parents house(how wierd would that be?). So my sister and I stuck around until people started showing up for the feast. We ate some. Laughed alot… then head over home where mom made us more food. Three meals… I was stuffed to the brim.

Friday night went to Jesse’s to hang out with his peeps. They did lots of fun things. Watch Equilibrium. OMG! Awsome movie that I never heard of! I liked it enough to go out and buy it the next day.

Here’s the primis if you care: There’s a third world war, someone got it in their heads that emotion is the cause for these wars because it causes hate, greed, anger, so on. So in an effort to supress emotion they must also shun things that are good. Love, art, music, they wear gloves on their hands so as not to actually touch anything, they have white paper over their windows so they can’t see the sun rise or the city, they take this injected drug that supresses emotional extremetys. There are those the resist this movement; art lovers, feeling people of the world, hide away and are hunted down by the government like people with a deadly disease. The main character(s) of the movie are Clerics, a tranch coat toteing elite fighter for the government that can efficiantly, calmly without emotion, clear a room of resistance with martial art style gun slinging(at least as good as Matrix 1). Speaking of Matrix; Christian Bale’s performance made me realise how poorly Kianu Reeves expresses emotion. lol.

After the movie we sported some DDR action(I mainly watched), I had tickle fights with Amy, someone I’ve only talked to three times. Eventually people started to leave, those who stayed got our tetris on. I forget what else happened… but I was up until 5… I woke up at 8 the next day. Yeah… Monster energy drink is your friend.

Later THAT evening we went to see Alexander. Don’t do as we did. Horrible movie. I wont go into my reasons, don’t want to put too much of a negative vibe on someone looking forward to the flick. But yeah… I’m usually a very easy person to please when it comes to movies. I nearly walked out of this one. Three hours of almost complete nothing. The only saving grace is that Angelina Jolie(with a russian accent! wtf? lol) and Val Kilmer play pretty good roles. I liked their scenes the best out of the entire movie.

We went to Sheries and ate and talked and so on. Then people went their own way.

Sunday night we watched some Star Trek. Then Desprate House Wives came on… Jesse likes that show for some reason. I’d never seen it, so I thought I’d give it a chance. Sigh… I don’t understand what is appealing about the show, asside from some attractive middle aged women. Oh well, no harm done. Then we watched Star Gate… and finally did the tetris thing again. Very addictive, tetris. Who would think that such a simple game could keep us entertained for a whole 4 hours?

That’s all I’m saying for now… until next time.


I had a nice relaxing day… didn’t do a whole lot again. Well, I excersised this morning, I haven’t done that in a while. Then I helped John diagnose my moms car troubles and apply a few simple fixes. Luke and Jessi came over for dinner, we had a roast. Mmmm beef. Umm… toped out the night with a little gameage. Last night I was elected to re-build a website for my friends band, 3 Day Girlfriend. They already have a pretty good site up, so I’m hard pressed to make something better. My site is coming along slowly… I’m deturmined not to let myself loose interest though…

Anyway, I’m off to the great bed in the room yonder, peace my fellows.

A Good Day

Yeah… it’s the weekend, I got payed yesterday, the hard things at work are becoming routene, the car I’ve been goggling at is still for sell, my belly is fully of pork chow maign… I’m in a pretty good mood right now. I wonder what I should do now. Gotta clean my room tomorrow… and that means doing laundry. I’m on to “Life the Universe and Everything” in the Hitchhiker Series, I’ll read more before bed… there’s always that web page that I’m playing with but never posting… maybe I’ll do that for a while.

Yeah… The 94′ Saab Aero… it just sounds cool. I think it looks like a british mafia car… $7k for a cool looking car with 225horse power. Teehee, catch me if you can. By far the best bang for your buck that I’ve seen. 53ft^3 cargo space, four door, 5 nice sized seats for carrying friends around, and it’s a MANUAL. I hate my automatic, the problem I have with my transmission wouldn’t even exist if it were a manual. *grumble*

Anyway… things are happening… maybe I’ll have something to do tonight after all. Peace out.