Consolidation Complete

Well, it’s that time once again, I’ve rolled into a brand spanking new blog account. I got a little carried away during my integration with Google+ and updated my Linkedin and Twitter accounts. When I got to blogspot I got it in my head to consolidate which turned into a three day project when I realized I have an old Livejournal account dating back to February of 2004. Anyway, just about everything from blogger, Livejournal, Myspace, and Facebook type blogs made it in.

It’s been interesting opening this time capsule and strolling down memory lane. Seeing friends come and go. Watching attitude and philosophy transition. Noticing my spelling and grammar improve; I didn’t edit anything… it still starts atrocious if you want to go back and see.  I’m planning on making a link list for key points that people might be interested.  What happened when I discovered Caitlin’s pregnancy for example.  There are some good tales in there.

Right now the purpose of this blog is just to document the events and thoughts happening around methe way I used to in the olden days. I’ll also include an innovation that I particularly liked: adding a links section to the bottom of my blog for worthy findings as I link hop. A meager example is below, I haven’t done much surfing during this project.

I have Caitlin’s birthday BBQ, an Ip man review, and our trip to Colorado back logged but going forward posts will be posted in the order I write them.

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Finally, after a couple months of having a computer I’ve loosened my compulsion for the solitary society of Facebook and re-found my blogs.  Upon looking back, this is my third blog, I’ll link to the others and their succession in one of the side panels here; not that I expect anyone other than me to explore my history.

A lot has happened in seven months.  The biggest part, of course, is Lorelai, but it’s hard to keep track of her progress.  She’s been a busy blessing over all.  I’ll talk about my job and other aspects as I think of them… Lorelai will come up later on.
Back then I just passed the two year mark working for Stream, a call center where I was tech support for media software.  Well, June they fired me for being six minutes late.  It counted as a partial day occurrence, my last straw.  What’s funny is that if I had used a full day occurrence, as in skipped out, I may still be working there.  Go figure.
After a long month of job searching it worked out.  Siemens hired me and the first thing they teach in training is that Siemens is a German company founded and named after an inventor named Werner von Siemens… I wonder why?  Siemens has been around for quite a while, but I didn’t know squat about them besides their global status.
Anyway, one of the leads for the project brought me in for an interview… the client for this project is Nike, the ginormous shoe/advertising company with it’s fingers and toes in every aspect touching the words ‘sport’ and ‘athlete’.  I was brought in back in June and it’s been a pretty interesting ride.  The energy of the Nike campus and it’s inhabitants is pretty addicting.  It awoke what’s left of that athlete I left behind in my freshman year of high school; which is another story.  I’m working towards being active again; not sure the specific what of that.  Either basketball, some martial art, or just running in general.  I’m leaning martial art because it would be a good thing for Lorelai to get into also; discipline, resolve, self defense, coordination… I could do all of the above, and likely will eventually.  But with my schedule and finances I can only squeeze in one.
Not to long, in my opinion, after getting hired at Siemens I proposed to Caitlin; who said yes, of course.  We’ve moved her out of her mother’s home, where I was pretty much living myself since that’s where my family was.  We’re still in Beaverton, near the Scholls Ferry Rd. McDonald’s.  A two bed, two bath apartment with washer/dryer in unit and relatively new building (2003 I think).  I’ve technically been living here since the day after Lorelai’s birth, though I’d only sleep here once a week tops.  I had a room mate up until the point we moved in.
Anyway, we’re still kind of adjusting to fit and afford living.  Caitlin’s taken on a part time position selling makeup at Washington Square in addition to going to school.  I’m taking lunches to work and use computer and Internet for entertainment.  Over-all, once we’re in a groove I think we’re going to come out in a comfortable spot with more elbow room; time will tell.
Barak Obama is president elect, that’s new!  That’s a different story and discussion from me though.
Let’s go with that for now.  I’m going to take a nap.


Wow, I just read through my LJ again… ahh memories. Kind of nifty… it’s like a time capsule. So much has changed since May! Two new jobs, I ditched the new car and got a POS in stead, I went to church(even though it was purely social), I have gotten drunk once since then, I’ve made a few new friend, and I have seen every cartoon on Homestar’s website and am a SBemail regular. Still living with my mum tho :\ but with two jobs that will likely change once our 6 mo. lease runs out. I have cable now! BIG change. I got a orgasmic new mouse… Logitech MX 510 Blue, 8 buttons and ergonomic. Very comfy mouse. Oh yeah… I was going to sleep…