My Welcome Guts

I could have sworn that I’ve written since November… it’s been a fast couple months.  Caitlin starting working at Bare Essentials to make us some extra money.  I went two weeks without a job due to it being slow.  Lore I think has been sick at least twice since then.  Caitlin just had a tonsillectomy last Friday as a preliminary for getting a biopsy on some lumps in her neck.  She doesn’t get results until the 6th of Feb.  On the up side she says she’s able to take deeper breaths with her tonsils out.  She’s been pretty hungry since she’s only able to eat soft foods.  Mashed potatoes, jello, popsicles, etc.  On one hand she’s looking forward to the weight loss, on the other she’s just plain hungry and anything she eats tastes too salty because of the condition of her throat.  It’s also been hard on her not being able to play with Lorelai… Lorelai doesn’t seem to mind, but I don’t think that helps Caitlin’s much.
Anyway, a lot of other stuff has been going on.  I’m taking three classes at Institute for Jedi Realist Studies.  Jedi Studies 101, Personal 101, and Meditation 101.  I’m hoping that if I put in the time, maybe allow them to help me unlearn some things my mind will open to something new.  It’s a generally positive thing over all.  In Personal 101 the instructor gives a perspective based on the theme of the lesson; such as Greatness.  We’re asked to discuss a couple of our heroes by describing their admirable traits.  Then we’re asked to compare those admirable traits to ourselves… the point is self realization of your own influence and greatness.  We were also asked to describe a quote about how a person’s greatest fear is their own greatness… interesting.
I lost my flow, so I guess I’m done with this post.

Time for a new year

Hey! It’s a tri-year update! (Just to appease those P.C. folks, I posted 4 months ago and made 5 posts before that. My basis for saying tri-year, if you haven’t figured it out, is if I keep up the time gap of 4 months.)

Well, Christmas has passed. A new year approaches. What has happened since I posted last?

*Caitlin and I are still together (Not a “happened”, but certainly a noteworthy #1)
*My birthday
Novemburr (Thanks Happy Feet Commercials)
*Caitlin & fam. help me make a super resume (Meghan included, which was most helpful)
*Caitlin, Evin, Meghan, and I stayed in line waiting for a couple Wii’s
*The Wii is extremely fun and definitely worth a try for even the non-gamer.
*Start playing L.O.Zelda, Twilight Princess.
*Got a suite jacket and slacks for interviews
*I got a new coat, and it’s a color: green
*Car (1995 Geo Metro: green) making a loud ticky/knocking sound
*Borrow grandpa’s 70’s Chevy truck. ~7 miles/gal
*Interview with Canby School District, to no avail
*Over the course of 1.5 cold weeks in Caitlin’s mom’s driveway under the car after work. I checked the lifters and lower end. Metal shards in the oil pan, rod bearings were shot and the sound remains when I replace those. Upon reading and thinking, it’s a piton knock. Time for a new car or a new engine.
*Grandpa helped me get a car, and what a car it is. 1999 Plymouth Breeze.
*May end up fixing the Geo in time… yet to decide. I drove it clicking and knocking from Beaverton to Oregon City to sit for a while.
*Baby attack at Grandparents Christmas party. All but 3 cousins and I are un-married/engaged with kids. Does that encourage me to hurry up? Hell no.
*Stayed the night at mom’s house Christmas eve so that I’d wake up there for a family-ish Christmas
*Caitlin’s house that afternoon for a feast with her inner family plus an aunt Sue and uncle Steve
*Go back to work at Phone Support job that I still have…

I may post again before the year ends with thoughts, for now I need to brush my teeth and sleep. In other news, Caitlin is pressing me to update my space. I’ll probably do that soonish… meh.

Sup!? Been a while! UPDATE!

  • Geo Metro runs great! It’s a fun-gutless little car 😉
  • Beat Prince of Persia and am on a second time through the story… ahh games
  • Still working at NW IT Services! w00t! I’m not so mad at the job any more.
  • Moved out of my sister/bro house in with an old friend from church.
    • It’s HUGE! My stuff is around the walls, and the EMPTY space in the middle is the size of my old room
    • It’s COLD! No heating because oil is expensive and we’re all cheap single guys. I’m getting a heater for my room today.
    • There’s a pool table in the basement! w00t!
    • I have a sliver in my wrist with no tweezers… annoying.
    • More random stuff… love the room… it’s like an ice palace.

Umm… work time now. Laterz

Bing Bang Boom

Here’s a quick recap of my last weekish…

Thurs(15th):I do my work thing until about 2 or 3ish. Pick up Caitlin at her mall take her to do some shopping at Pioneer C.Sqr. We considered a movie… but ended up just going to my house to watch a couple. Go back out to my car and the battery is dead. … Eff. I took her home in my sisters car(The Sue-b).

Fri(16th): Screwed around with my car for a while. It either has a short in the battery or somewhere along the positive line. Either way… I was sick of the car. Later I talk to Luke about his Geo. We talk and end up going to the DMV and I come home with a yellow car slip saying that I own the car. I transfer my insurence and everything is lagit. Yippy skippy. I put air in the tires and have some fun driving it around. IT’S A MANUAL! W00T!

Sat(17th): I run around doing errands in the car. It’s gutless, but it takes ~$10 to fill the tank… a tank will get you 300+ miles! Anyway. Later in the day Caitlin and I go down to Salem to watch King Kong with good friend Erin. It was a good movie. Certainly not for everyone, but I enjoyed it. Well while in Salem I notice that the car is making an odd grinding noise. I figured I’d look into it once I get home. I’m driving back with Caitlin in the passenger seat and the 5th gear would pop out of gear after 20-30 seconds. Wierd. Not long after this I’m passing a truck and hear something that didn’t sound normal… quite worrysome actually… so I slow down behind the semi and pull into the rest area and the car grinds to a hault. It wont go any more. WTF! I have it for a day… then it dies!

Sun(18th): I get shit from my work for not going to help them… but I’m trying to figure out what to do with my car on a sunday. Alot of spinning my wheels. Ultimately I didn’t get anywhere. It’s amazing how much I rely on having a vehicle. Luckily it snows… so I’m sort of let off the hook.

Mon(19th): Meh, more car crap and work. I’m using Jessica’s car for work.

Tues(20th): More of monday

Wed(21st): More of monday… I find out for sure that it’s the transmission from a guy at a shop. I paid $35 do hear what I already guessed… and would have known if I had just dropped the tranny myself. Bah.

Thurs(22nd): I goto work. Goto pick up my car with my dad, who is back from Chicago temporarily. Drop the car off at my uncle mikes. My granpa helped me locate a new transmission. That will be picked up tomorrow.

Damn cars.

Didn’t sleep tonight either… working on damn computer… new policy. If it’s fucked. I rebuild it. You don’t have your software? It’s not getting fixed then, is it?