New times are coming!

Well, I started the new job today. It was pretty fab and I got into the niddy griddy pretty quick. Phil took me out to a few clients, showing me where they are and introducing me so if I come in I’m not a stranger. Phil’s nuts and hilarious. I also got a brand new phone with bells and whistles. I’m in it. This is great. I’m excited and scared. I have no choice but to be confident in my abbility to adapt to it. w00t.

In other news… I’m going to check prices on broadband.

Harry Potter and the Unhappy-WTF Ending

Um… I’m going to talk about it inside. So don’t goto my responces unless you want spoilers and stuff. K? Thanks a million.
I bought it Saturday night, finished it last night… this was not a happy book. Then JK had to go and give us a “To Be Continued” Ending. Like a TV series, the other books plots and storys kind of stand on their own. Not so with this one… it left me with a “WTF I want my ending” feeling.

Not sure exactly what else to say actually. Kinda wierd knowing what’s going to happen in the next book tho. Sure, there will be twists and new environments and what-not. But it’s pretty much layed out.
-No Hogwarts(as a skool) next book? What’s with that? How’s Harry going to go from a weak little punk who had no hope of landing a spell on Snape?
-No Ginny Included? I don’t believe that for a moment, I’m guessing that she’ll be one of Harry’s “Love Influences” that help him go nuts and show Lord Vovo how powerfull love is. Go get em Harry.

There better be a really big long happy ending next book! I’m going to work and brood some more.