Another Thought Exercise

This is a list of questions I ran across online and I thought I’d use it to get back into blogging.

1: How do you deal with death? How do you comfort yourself knowing you’re going to just rot in the ground? Personally I think I would probably kill myself if I didn’t have religion.
Like anyone, I feel sorrow when I’m not going to be able to see someone again and empathetic to anyone who goes through something similar. Also I don’t see a still, brain-dead body as being the person so whether my body rots or get cut up and set out for vultures (Tibetan Sky Burial) makes little difference to me. When it comes to comfort I know that a the person who’s body dies is still conceptually alive inside me because I am sorry they’re gone… they interacted with me in some memorable way which, in turn, may affect others. In that sense, anyone who gets remembered is never really gone.

2: Do you believe that there are such things as sins? Do you believe in karma?
I believe that you perceive and find opportunity based on your focus. If your focus is on judgment or dichotomy you’re going to see the world in black and white; good or bad, fortunate or not, happy and sad, etc. I think that’s how the idea of sins and karma came to be defined by consciousness… they exist as perception.

3: Do you believe that evolution is incompatible with religion?
That’s not for me to say as I’m not a religious person. I can say regardless of whatever ideological incompatibilities some practitioners might have with common decent it’s evidence makes it as apparent as the atom. No evidence has come to light and suggested otherwise.

4: Do people in your everyday life treat you differently since you’re an atheist? If so, how does it affect your view on theists?
There are certainly people who treat me different in the sense of bringing up, or not bringing up, certain things when I’m around. That may also have to do with my being open and honest to anyone even suggesting a passing interest in world-outlook. I don’t really feel any repression or difference in action or emotion though.

My general outlook towards theists is similar to my outlook toward a playing child or people from other cultures or nationalities… they think different from me and that’s ok as long as it doesn’t affect the world outside the designated realm of influence.  People have a right to maintain and interact with their personal beliefs but as soon as they start asserting their beliefs upon others they’re opening themselves for discourse… may the more reasonable person win.