Dun Dun DUUNNN – The Plot Thickens

The plot going on in my damatic work environment. “ENU of our lives”… more like “Young and teh Restless”. Sum up of previous episodes:

About a month ago Richard just kinda decided that he didn’t wanna work here any more. He walks out in the middle of his shift. He was just sick of the BS. Pretty much having every priority (Customers, displays) as his first priority. I started at the same time he did. He did just as good as I did in sales and in other areas. I just had more experiance in showing a boss that I can do this and more. While he’s stuck in sales I’m off doing systems, learning RMA, and updating our website. He should have been given more to do, more responsability… but he didn’t. My boss has a thing against ppl some times. It’s wierd… it’s not really personal… some-how he just gets it in his head that someone isn’t good enough or something. Oh well… moving on.

A week later Jay, the manager I took over for, wrote a nice little letter saying that our boss is a n00b who doesn’t respect his employees as people and spends money on silly things… like another store in Tigard that gets a grand total of four or five customers in a week… two of those ppl actually consider buying something. We here in Hillsboro, a store that does get customers, he pays his employees the same as Wendy’s down the street. And he wonders why employees never stay with him for more than a year. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite and one of Jay’s favorite quotes, “GOSH! Frickin’ Idiot!”

This was past doings. It’s happened. We got a replacement for Richard. I’m a replacement for Jay… at the moment. He say’s he’s working on a replacement for me. What’s funny is that there are four people hoping to up and fly away with-in the next month or so.

Two sales people; one of which has been here longer than I have yet I made more than him when I was a sales rep. WTF? I’m not complaining, but he has a right to.

The head of RMA has already started an interview process with Wells Fargo. After he leaves mas chaos will ensue probably followed by me getting thrown into RMA head first without knowing what’s going on. Ironic. This has happened before. Six months ago, actually, when the last RMA guy took the nearest hypogriff outta here to work on his own retail company he started behind ENU’s back. LOL!

And I have taken the next step to moving on as well. I just scheduled to take my Microsoft Certification exam Tuesday August 9th. Wish me luck! Upon passing I should have a bigger better job after a few weeks. JOY! Rock ON!

BTW. Batman is da bomb yo!