Bored at lunch again…

Yeah, another day without lunch. My fault tho. I mean, yeah I don’t have money. Someone offered to lend me money… but it doesn’t matter that much to me. Meh, one less fast food burger in my belly.

A new Oblivian trailer came out yesterday. Such a pretty video game! They also have Patrik Stewart as one of the voice acters 😀 SO you know it’s GOTTA be cool! They also posted new screen shots.

In other news Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (that movie I was raiving about a month or so ago) comes out this September. Happy Birthday ME! Don’t know if it’s going streight to DVD or if they’ll try the theater thing again(their last FF movie flopped)… I just know that it’ll be damn cool and send shivers down my spine.

Um… my sister is merried now… in case you didn’t know. She did that last Saturday. Not really a big deal I guess. She has a dif. last name, that’s about all that’s different about her in my eyes.

I’m still reading that damned A+ book. SO dull. Hard to stay awake while reading… but I’m pushing through it slowly but surely.

Umm… DOH! How could I forget?? I’m taking a trip to Medford two weekends from now, sunday-tuesday. Justin’s band is opening for Presidents of the United States of America. No way I’m going to miss that! w00t! Looking forward to it.

Anyway… I’m done typing for now… soo… I’m going to go… over there… bye

I’ve got CHIIILLLZZZZ They’re multiplyin!

ROFL! HAHAHA! w00t w00t w00t! lol… I’m pretty damn excited right now. Chillz I say. Chillz apon chillz. I just recently discouvered Square Enix Inc. Formaly the company was known as Squaresoft… the names change is probably a legal formality of some sort, companys merging with companys and the like. I knew they didn’t disapear after dropping the name, there’s still stuff comeing out that reeks of them…. I’m straying from the point here… hmm… how to put this in a way one could understand…

Back in college, OIT still in the dorms, I picked up this game some how. Final Fantasy VII was it’s title. It’s a roll-playing game for the Play Station, but it was released for the PC by some wonderful twist of fate. This game ingulfed me. More than Crono Trigger. More than Morrowind. Even more than all of the Legend of Zelda games combined. … well maybe not THAT much. But it WAS the only game I’ve encountered that actually got me FEELING for the characters. True, I was playing as the characters. I beat monsters. I explored the world. But the mix of the story line and the music and the in game video was such that it hit a soft spot some how. There were times where I was choked up with tears… NEVER happend from a GAME before. When people think of computer game music they thing Mario Bros… or just a random beat in the back ground. Nobuo Uematsu composed the music for the game. One of the songs in the game still triggers a small emotional responce. It’s crazy. I learned to play it and a few other songs on the piano… but that was a while ago now. I’m not the only one either, while working at Fry’s this kid would come in and play music from Final Fantasy VII. It was awsome! We had a nice little chat.

But I don’t know how to explain it, and I feel like a fool talking about it because it’s just a video game! But to me it was more than that. Maybe part of it is because I had to stop the game three times in order to find a four disks that WORK!!! Holy crap, you have no idea how much time I spent trying to play the game all the way through. Finally I found a Play Station emulator for my PC and just bought the damn game. lol. Final Fantasy VIII and IX soon followed. IX was pretty damn good too, very catchy music and Zidane is a great main character.

Well… why am I sooooo excited now? They’re making a movie. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Interesting title, don’t you think? Only the second trailer is in english… but the pictures are all pretty, regardless. Go here if you want to read an English site talking about it. Do you remember Final Fantasy: Spirits Within? Or maybe Last Transmision of the Osirus from Animatrix? Yeah… we’re talking a story line VERY near and dear to my heart in the most phenominal computer graphics on the planet. AND they brought back Nobuo Uematsu to do the score too. Those songs you hear in the trailers… yeah… they’re in the game. He wrote a freaking OPRA for this game. Crap… I need to learn Japanese…

Anyway, thanks for reading my enthusiasm… I’m off to watch them all one more time… then I’ll dream about them. Good night

Yesterday… all my troubles seem so far away…now it looks as tho they’re here to stay…

Well, been a couple of days. I’m on book three of the book seriese I’m reading… I also am at level 10 in Morrowind. Something to be proud of, to be sure. I should get a raise for it, I think 😉

Hmm… sister came over yesterday. She and mom made stockings. I made pudding… we had spageti. It was a nice, relaxing day off.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I almost died today. My car has this thing with the transmission where 4th gear doens’t work… rather than shifting to 4th it sifts to 1st. Anyway, I got out to get the mail today… without thinking I put the car into drive. All is fine until I get to the freeway. Bad times. Since 3rd comes before 4th, I’m going around 45 before it downshifts to 1st. So my transmission instantly over heats and locks up, which means my tires completely STOPED TURNING! I was in the second lane from the right, still not completely on the freeway of this particular on ramp, and since there was a staggering light before I got on there were no cars around me. Anyway, skidding to a stop from 45mph is no fun. Without rolling back tires you pretty much either just keep the car going the way it’s going… or spin. This didn’t occur to me as I instinktively turned right to get the heck off the road… AKA, spin we go! Amazingly I managed a 180 degree skid neatly parked on the right side of the road. I was facing oncomming traffic, but at least I was out of the way. I sat there for a couple minutes thinking about what to do… a few things popped in my head, none of them any good from the stand point of being broke and having expired tags. I turned the car back on put it in 3rd -the gear I’m supposed to use my car in- and hammered it. With a loud THUNK the transmission freed itself. I calmly turned the car around when traffic was gone… and here I am. Safe at work. 🙂

Hello, World?

Another day… another, not a whole lot to talk about. Well, Home Depot did call me tonight. Andy(Mr. Scheduler Guy) is trying to officialy deturmine that it is not worth Home Depots time, trouble, and money to keep the computer nerd with a pickey schedule. It would be SO COOL if they had me come back. It would completely suck as far as social life goes… but the money looks SO good too me right now. I can put so many things in my life streight and onward to better things with that hyper-boosted income. I could stand doing it through the holidays… probably until spring or even summer. I could get my car. Move out. Rebuff my computer. Get A+ Certified. Pay off Student Loans. And finally start saving for a house and a life beyond. Big dreams. Jurassic measures. Two words. Bring it!

BTW, the reason I mentioned re-buffing my computer… Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Just take a look at those screen shots and you’ll see. Yes. Those are SCREEN SHOTS!. That is what it looks like playing the game. Not perfectly life like… but technology is getting there. When you can see the leaves, leading to branches, leading to the trunks on the trees… then have light, and shadow on each part going to the right place depending on where the light is coming from. We’re talking aw-inspiring mathmatics. I have the screen shot of a knite on his horse as my wall paper right now. Have a look around at the Morrowind/Tribunal screen shots too see where they were last year. I can’t wait until 64bit processing becomes the norm for these developers to work with… more power, and very likely more speed. Drool. They have also done impressive things with the games AI too, but you can read their stuff to find out the goods on that. I don’t want to expose any more of my geekness at the moment.

Half Life 2 it’s coming out next month… it’s not AS pretty, but apparently is getting rated as the best game EVER by EVERY place that reviews computer games!

Wierd Dreams While Sick

Yeah, I’ve got a sniffle and a sore throught. Why does it always seem to happen when I start a new job? It happened when I started at Home Depot.

I had a wierd dream last night too… I think it was actually episode II of a former dream I had not long ago… but I don’t remember that one much. It started out where I was in the place with trees, there was a random car and my dad’s Hyundai in a parking lot over yonder… and apparently it was at my dad’s house because I was afraid of waking him up by walking in the door. But he ended up calling me, he heard me stomping around but was too lazy to get out of bed or something. Anyway… I forgot what I had to say to him… I think it ended up just being “Hi, how’re things?” But apparently I was late for work, so I left in my Peugeot(I have this car in my dreams too, how depressing). I’m driving along… and there’s a train trax too the left of me… only I’m looking at me driving the car from the front… umm… something about the train made me think it was a good idea to ride my bike… so my mind did a cut scene and the car was gone and I was riding my old BMX bike…. THEN I realised I was going to be late to work, so I wished I had my car… I rode up to this big white building with Roman pillars and my car was inside… next scene, I’m riding and I see my ORC head master in the distance… he looked like one of the green guys tusky guys from Morrowind, not the LOTR orcs. Anyway, he said I was late and for this I was to wash dishes with sand. The funny thing about this orc, besides that he’s an orc, is that he usually speaks in riddles… very wierd, but since he’s in my head I know exacly what he’s talking about. The dishes turned out being these wooden objects that didn’t resimble forks, spoons or knifes… but apparently I didn’t think anything of this and started rubbing them against wet sand. As I did they changed color… interesting eh? Anyway… then the dream gets a little fuzzy, the main dude had a little chat with me, they showed my random funny looking flash cars… I was standing in front of a class teaching and something else happened… like I said… fuzzy. Very interesing, I actually enjoyed the dream… too bad I ended up waking from it and feeling like crap @ 4. Had a drink of water and went back to sleep and didn’t dream any more.

Anyway, time for work…


Well, I’ll try again with this life journal thing. It’s just a little wierd typing to this thing because it’s hard to know if anyone is listening. If no one else reads, what’s the point? ^ It gives me something ot do other than play Morrowind for the second time though. There is a a point. A nifty game like Evercrack(quest) only it’s single player. Better in my openion, without the social factor is makes it less addicting and therefore I’m more apt to have a real social life. In theory.

Well nothing too exciting happened yesteray, I worked. The only thing that really stands out is a confrontation withat a sales guy. It’s a complex story summed up in saying he has no reaspect for fellow humans. I don’t know how he responds to other creatures, but people are just wallets and short-cuts to him. I hope he falls in a badger hole… he’d fit, he’s small enough.

Went to Izzy’s with friends last night, I had salad bar.