I’m at my sisters house right now. House/cat sitting for their cute little kitten, dogberry. I know what she’s talking about in her last post when it comes to feeling awkward using other peoples things. All I’ve used since I’ve been here is the TV, computer, oven and toilet. It’s fairly nice to be out of my house, actually… I’m afraid that it’s even more dull over there.

The quick scoop on my situation is that ENU let me go and I’m waiting for my next job to pick me up. I’ve been told that i got the job, and not to worry. Apparently they’re waiting on my DMV records. But I hate waiting like this… I’m used to working 40+ hours a week plus another hour a day worth of driving… when I usually get home my day is GONE. Now that I have a few days to my self I find myself sitting around watching TV for lack of anything else to do. Luckely one of the channels had four episodes of Star Trek TNG. I’ve got to get those DVDs when I get money… they don’t make TV like that any more. I totaly redid my MySpace profile with CSS and stuff. I was so bold as to e-mail a couple old high school aquatences that I barely knew for the hell of it.

Ahh… it’s nice to be out of the house… have I said that? I can’t wait until my mom can get a job and move out… Yeah, if you’re coming in from MySpace you heard right. I’m living with my mom and I’m making the only money right now. I mean… I love my mom and all, she’s forked out her portion to keep me alive all these years. But at the same time, this is my time to fly… I can’t help but feel a little disapointed when I find my wings but I can’t leave the nest. Who knows what the future holds… maybe something will pop up.


Just a lazy Sunday. The only productive thing I have in mind is touching up my resume. I’ll be meeting with my new boss Tuesday. I must accentuate my assets.

My leaving has put my work into turmoil. It’s flattering and satisfying at the same time. Flattering because while working at this place I never got the feeling of being a necessary piece of the what makes things tick. From the owners point of view I’m just another one of the peons with more responsibility. Now that I’m leaving things are falling apart and I see what I really mean to the company. It’s satisfying because of the owners’ blindness to what his workers mean to him. How he treats them will reflect on how they treat customers. If, in his mind, they’re only there to fill the hole and to get a paycheck then they aren’t going to have much pride for their position/company, are they? *shakes head* I’m done babbling about this.

Maybe I’ll get creative with myspace later…

Dun Dun DUUNNN – The Plot Thickens

The plot going on in my damatic work environment. “ENU of our lives”… more like “Young and teh Restless”. Sum up of previous episodes:

About a month ago Richard just kinda decided that he didn’t wanna work here any more. He walks out in the middle of his shift. He was just sick of the BS. Pretty much having every priority (Customers, displays) as his first priority. I started at the same time he did. He did just as good as I did in sales and in other areas. I just had more experiance in showing a boss that I can do this and more. While he’s stuck in sales I’m off doing systems, learning RMA, and updating our website. He should have been given more to do, more responsability… but he didn’t. My boss has a thing against ppl some times. It’s wierd… it’s not really personal… some-how he just gets it in his head that someone isn’t good enough or something. Oh well… moving on.

A week later Jay, the manager I took over for, wrote a nice little letter saying that our boss is a n00b who doesn’t respect his employees as people and spends money on silly things… like another store in Tigard that gets a grand total of four or five customers in a week… two of those ppl actually consider buying something. We here in Hillsboro, a store that does get customers, he pays his employees the same as Wendy’s down the street. And he wonders why employees never stay with him for more than a year. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite and one of Jay’s favorite quotes, “GOSH! Frickin’ Idiot!”

This was past doings. It’s happened. We got a replacement for Richard. I’m a replacement for Jay… at the moment. He say’s he’s working on a replacement for me. What’s funny is that there are four people hoping to up and fly away with-in the next month or so.

Two sales people; one of which has been here longer than I have yet I made more than him when I was a sales rep. WTF? I’m not complaining, but he has a right to.

The head of RMA has already started an interview process with Wells Fargo. After he leaves mas chaos will ensue probably followed by me getting thrown into RMA head first without knowing what’s going on. Ironic. This has happened before. Six months ago, actually, when the last RMA guy took the nearest hypogriff outta here to work on his own retail company he started behind ENU’s back. LOL!

And I have taken the next step to moving on as well. I just scheduled to take my Microsoft Certification exam Tuesday August 9th. Wish me luck! Upon passing I should have a bigger better job after a few weeks. JOY! Rock ON!

BTW. Batman is da bomb yo!


I’m writing this post in notepad right now.
“But Dustin, why ever would you do that?”
I’ll tell you why my inquisitive friend. I now have dial-up. I decided a while ago that I was going to cancel cable so I can save some money (~$50/mo). I stopped paying the bill two months ago and just waited for them to shut me off. I’m going to pay them back, naturally. But I’m not getting cable back until I get a new job.
Dial-up is SO SLOW!!
“How SLOW is it?”
It’s SO SLOW that it takes me two or three tries to log into most sites, including Live Journal. LJ has been having problems when I had cable… hence why I’m writing first and logging to post after. I tell yuh. I don’t know if my ADD can handle this…

Meh, it isn’t that bad. I just have to do other things with my life. Such as reading. Or learning the piano. Or eating… I’m fairly fond of that one sometimes… but I’m not much of a recreational eater… so I just eat with the focus of getting full.

Anyway… nothing else really to tell. Work is work. Same Shtuff Different Day. Only I’m doing it in the Portland store… because manager Jash wants me to build systems fast like them. Mainly I’ve been doing sales over there tho… go figure.

I want a new job
I Want a new job
I Want a New job
I Want A New Jorb!!!!!

I just clicked a link. I think I’ll go to the theater and watch a movie… maybe it’ll load by the time I get back.


Experaments of teh mean kind

Some ppl may or may not have witnessed my social experaments. The one most often performed is on what I like to call “The Sub-concious Mother”. For Example:

At work there is a lady in recieving named Mary. She’s an older woman, 50+ and she has this itching urge to tidy things up. Some times I’m not even sure she KNOWS she’s doing it. Like while I, or a fellow employee, unpacks a box and get peanuts on the floor. As soon as we wheel the product out of the area Mary comes over with a broom. Out of curiosity I woud take a single peanut and put it back on the floor where she just cleaned(While she’s not looking of course). EVERY time she comes in the area she’ll pick up. I’ve done it with just one up to about ten or so. She doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t look at me wondering what’s going on. She just continues to clean the same spot. So currious.

Example two:
Rachels house. On a nifty table with pictures and such on it there is a dish with a cadle in the middle. Around that candle on the dish are some of those flattened marbles. They’re red where everything else in her house is white. When I get bored and I’m wandering around I take to putting one or two of these little flattened marbles in a rondom spot. Like above a door frame. Above her cabnets. So on. Rachel is a little smarter than Mary is… she knows it’s me and she scolds me for it. I don’t do it to the point she gets pissed. She and Travis are good friends, I would like her to keep inviting me over. For some reason I just find it so interesting that this would disturb people so much.

Well, back to work… hehe… 😉

No money week!

What do you do for lunch when you have 3 business days before pay check, you’re bank is ~$100 in the hole; and you have $6 on your person for gas and food until you get payed. AND you feel like alians sapped your energy durring the time you were supposed to be restoring it because they need the precious energy to feed their space cacti…

Day one: Buy bean beef burrito’s, 10 for 2.50. AND a Monster energy drink to cure the alian drain syndrome

Day two(Wednesday): Eat more bean burrito’s from day one… drink water. Hope it’s someone elses turn to feed the cacti. Steal the large bin of pop bottles from work… cha ching! Gas Money!!… like $5, but it’ll get me to work and back a couple times.

Day three(Thurs): Laugh at day one and two as you eat the rest of the bean beef burrito’s from day one.

Day four… doesn’t matter, I get paid. w00t! PDX LAN here I come! Yeah, I have been playing Half Life 2 a little bit. Ok… it was an 8 hour occupation yesterday… soooo pretty and the physics engine is SO much fun!! I like throwing things… at things… and blowing them up. hehe

Back to work! TA!

So much shtuff…

welp, back at the work again! For some reason my computer at home doesn’ lure me like it usually does. I get on, and I don’t have a clue what I wanna do. So I just go watch TV. I’m sure it’s just a temporary phase though.

There was a strange thing tuesday night… I went to check me yahoo e-mail, the one I use for my space. There were 13 invites! All hit me within’ an hour… wtf? I think they’re friends of this band that invited me to a show in portland, I responded to the invite about two weeks ago.

Ohh crap. A system just walked in… I think it’s a guy who wanted a modem installed, but didn’t tell us he wanted it until he got home and realise it wasn’t there. lol. oh well.

I’m a meany head…

Hi… I was in a pretty irritable mood when I got to work this morning. I’m not sure why. I’m just in one of those moods where I don’t wanna deal with other peoples stupid B.S. This poor asian guy on the phone got some of that. He wasn’t listening to what I was telling him to do, and kept repeating the same things over and over as if my mental powers would magicly press all the keys for him. I finally just said, “Look, I’m sorry you can’t figure it out. If you wanna return the product, you have 15 days from the date on the reciept.” I felt bad after that… normaly I’m pretty good at keeping my cool. Espesialy when it’s a customer. I almost told another guy to just stop talking… I actually mouthed it at my computer while puting things in. He didn’t see me.

So, I think I’m just off my groove today. I’m in one of those, “Ask me something, you get what you get.” Sort of moods. I’m really not in a bad mood. It would just seem that way when you require me to do your thinking for you, then you fight and argue with me the whole way. I’m a pretty patient person… but damn, that’s annoying.

Speaking of work… I’d better go back to it.

I’m ritch!… or I might be one day

Not to long ago I got a phone call at work, this lady was wondering if ENU made house calls. I almost laughed at her, that’s how bound and deturmined we are to conveniancing the customer at ENU. Number one is the company. Number two is the manager. Three is the customer. Associates get to clean up. That’s how every company is run. It has to be, or you could get sued… or screwed… or both. Anyway. That’s not a part of this story. I didn’t laugh at her, instead I told her I do house calls on the side. Numbers swap. Her new Dell arrives and she calls me up.

So around 9 I head over there and do my stuff(set up her computer, copying useful files from the old computer to the new via USB). Missing Alias and most of Lost 😦 But my mom taped it, so it’s ok 🙂 It was all pretty cool because I got a nearly functional computer and $75 out of the deal! After thinking about it I realised I spent about 4 hours working for that… 30 minutes of it was driving home and back for a eithernet cable. So laying back, chatting with this friendly older couple and using some useful computer knowledge I made more than I made in my 8 hours at work. I started laughing when I realised this while driving home. I could do this! For real! I know I can! I just DID it!

Well, my mind is all alight with how to get my ball a-rolling… but I better goto bed anyway.

Show the world my quality

Yeah, and exclusive sneak peak for anyone who happens to look here. I just posted the my website. I worked on it almost all day on Tuesday, and have something that reasimbles what it will look like, the layout still needs a little tweaking. And I’m not far enough along with content to make it worth anyones while to tell friends about it in a massive scale yet. Have a look-see. The concept is there… there is one broken link that I’m aware of(ironicly it’s the live journal link). When that happens just click refresh and things will go back as they should be.

Anyway, I’m tired… it’s all in my head. I wonder if that’s a usual thing for one to admit about ones self? I’ve been confused, belittled, and felt like a moron so many times since joining this new job. On one hand I enjoy the challenge, on the other hand I’m a guy who usually hears nothing but praise about my computer smarts. It’s a little un-nerving going back to being the child, going over the rules to your favorit game on a level of intricusy that makes your head spin. You should see some of the model numbers on mother boards and chipsets and sockets and memory types and expansion slots. I understand each of them of course, but I don’t have every individual product detail out there memorised for random access. But at this rate I will. Then I’ll be an uber-nerd. For the mean time, I’m going to sleep.