I’m a meany head…

Hi… I was in a pretty irritable mood when I got to work this morning. I’m not sure why. I’m just in one of those moods where I don’t wanna deal with other peoples stupid B.S. This poor asian guy on the phone got some of that. He wasn’t listening to what I was telling him to do, and kept repeating the same things over and over as if my mental powers would magicly press all the keys for him. I finally just said, “Look, I’m sorry you can’t figure it out. If you wanna return the product, you have 15 days from the date on the reciept.” I felt bad after that… normaly I’m pretty good at keeping my cool. Espesialy when it’s a customer. I almost told another guy to just stop talking… I actually mouthed it at my computer while puting things in. He didn’t see me.

So, I think I’m just off my groove today. I’m in one of those, “Ask me something, you get what you get.” Sort of moods. I’m really not in a bad mood. It would just seem that way when you require me to do your thinking for you, then you fight and argue with me the whole way. I’m a pretty patient person… but damn, that’s annoying.

Speaking of work… I’d better go back to it.

I’m ritch!… or I might be one day

Not to long ago I got a phone call at work, this lady was wondering if ENU made house calls. I almost laughed at her, that’s how bound and deturmined we are to conveniancing the customer at ENU. Number one is the company. Number two is the manager. Three is the customer. Associates get to clean up. That’s how every company is run. It has to be, or you could get sued… or screwed… or both. Anyway. That’s not a part of this story. I didn’t laugh at her, instead I told her I do house calls on the side. Numbers swap. Her new Dell arrives and she calls me up.

So around 9 I head over there and do my stuff(set up her computer, copying useful files from the old computer to the new via USB). Missing Alias and most of Lost 😦 But my mom taped it, so it’s ok 🙂 It was all pretty cool because I got a nearly functional computer and $75 out of the deal! After thinking about it I realised I spent about 4 hours working for that… 30 minutes of it was driving home and back for a eithernet cable. So laying back, chatting with this friendly older couple and using some useful computer knowledge I made more than I made in my 8 hours at work. I started laughing when I realised this while driving home. I could do this! For real! I know I can! I just DID it!

Well, my mind is all alight with how to get my ball a-rolling… but I better goto bed anyway.

Show the world my quality

Yeah, and exclusive sneak peak for anyone who happens to look here. I just posted the my website. I worked on it almost all day on Tuesday, and have something that reasimbles what it will look like, the layout still needs a little tweaking. And I’m not far enough along with content to make it worth anyones while to tell friends about it in a massive scale yet. Have a look-see. The concept is there… there is one broken link that I’m aware of(ironicly it’s the live journal link). When that happens just click refresh and things will go back as they should be.

Anyway, I’m tired… it’s all in my head. I wonder if that’s a usual thing for one to admit about ones self? I’ve been confused, belittled, and felt like a moron so many times since joining this new job. On one hand I enjoy the challenge, on the other hand I’m a guy who usually hears nothing but praise about my computer smarts. It’s a little un-nerving going back to being the child, going over the rules to your favorit game on a level of intricusy that makes your head spin. You should see some of the model numbers on mother boards and chipsets and sockets and memory types and expansion slots. I understand each of them of course, but I don’t have every individual product detail out there memorised for random access. But at this rate I will. Then I’ll be an uber-nerd. For the mean time, I’m going to sleep.

Get a new and improved day! Only 9.95

Did I mention that I like my new job? Truely, yup yup. BTW, Drew Carry’s Green Screen new show on WB at 8:30 on thursday… FUNNY! I almost choked on my carrot sticks twice! If I ever put a party together or something it would be hella fun to do some of the games they play. Two people try to see who can last the longest without using words longer than one sylibal, if some one uses a two sylibal word another person comes to replace and the conversation resumes. They’re like dificult scherades, but that would make it SO fun. Everyone is just as foolish as everyone else 😉

Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy is a great book, I’m reading it for the first time; even though I have three of the books on mp3. A couple of nuclear missles just got turned into a confused sperm whale and a bowl of petunias. I think I like having it read to me by my mp3s though, the words used definately sound more natural coming from a Brit.

Anyway, I’m goign to play with my trains for a while(a puter game)

First day

Well, had my first day at work today. I actually can’t wait to go back. Kind of a wierd feeling, even though I’m not sure how long it will last. Actually WANTING to goto work. It’s a cozey litte company. Everything is still done pretty logically and makes sense(unlike coorprate retailers). Kind of cool really. AND I find that I’m not as out of practice with computers as I thought… I was able to help out with techinical questions quite a few times today. Once I get back up to speed and INSIDE some computers, I’ll get my certifications sooner than I thought 😉


BTW, I’m pretty excited that Mt. Saint Hellins is acting up. I know… bad things can happen… I truely hope they don’t. But a side of me thinks it would make a good excuse to unify people a little. Without Helens, what would we have? That’s right polotics… or Hollywood(which is just as bad). Good thing the news(in addition) tells us that Mt. Hood has had one earth quake a year for the past while… and some peak in sisters has been developing a bulge most likely caused my magma. Based on the info out there now, nothing in Oregon has Helens like signs; don’t think there’s much to fear at the moment… but it does make me wonder how long the ring of fire is going to stay rockey ash. Scientests give it 30 years(on a 1-15 or 1-30 chance) in other words they can’t see the plates move or the magma flow. They just know that it shakes a little from time to time and the last time hood did a whole lot of anything was a mildly impressive spewing in 1805. It hasn’t been in a really distructive mood since the 1700s… so great uncle rock and aunty buffalo say. But buffalo don’t articulate… they tend to mumble alot. As for rocks… now that’s just silly. Even the smallest Babbel fish couldn’t pick up telepathic intentions comeing from those stubbern things.

A new wah?

I’ll update for the first time in months… got the idea from Mrs. Doodle’s when I descovered that she had a live journal in her AIM profile. Anyway, I’m really stoked right now. I’M HIRED!!! Thaz right friends and utter strangers I now work for a small computer company in hillsboro. Pretty much selling computers. Whole ones and pieces… or I take the pieces and build a whole one for you. Full time job. REGULAR hours. When do I work on monday? 10-7. How about Thursday? 10-7… how about monday three months from now? 10-7. Can you say w00t!? I can! w00t! I haven’t quit Emoh De Pot yet… I figure that I’ve been working 20 hours a week for so long that I need to make up for it SO I’m going to work 60+ hour weeks for as long as I can stand it. Not like I have much else going on, right? Sides, I have debts to pay of… and I want to have a descent car again. Savey Savey.

Well, asside from the feeling below *relieved* I’m also tired… gunna go curl up in my bed and sleep until I have to work some more.