OMFG!! Another Findal Fantasy: AC Trailer!!

I found out how to get a hold of the FF7: Advent Children video from E3 Expo in LA. I had to find a postal code with corisponding city in Australia so I could register at a site… this movie will be awsome. w00t! Lovely lovely CG. Some more action was shown too. w00t! w00t! I’m so stoked about this. And what’s pretty damn cool… it comes out September 13. Exactly a week before my birthday. It wont be in the theaters aparently tho. But still… w00t! So pretty.

Bored at lunch again…

Yeah, another day without lunch. My fault tho. I mean, yeah I don’t have money. Someone offered to lend me money… but it doesn’t matter that much to me. Meh, one less fast food burger in my belly.

A new Oblivian trailer came out yesterday. Such a pretty video game! They also have Patrik Stewart as one of the voice acters 😀 SO you know it’s GOTTA be cool! They also posted new screen shots.

In other news Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (that movie I was raiving about a month or so ago) comes out this September. Happy Birthday ME! Don’t know if it’s going streight to DVD or if they’ll try the theater thing again(their last FF movie flopped)… I just know that it’ll be damn cool and send shivers down my spine.

Um… my sister is merried now… in case you didn’t know. She did that last Saturday. Not really a big deal I guess. She has a dif. last name, that’s about all that’s different about her in my eyes.

I’m still reading that damned A+ book. SO dull. Hard to stay awake while reading… but I’m pushing through it slowly but surely.

Umm… DOH! How could I forget?? I’m taking a trip to Medford two weekends from now, sunday-tuesday. Justin’s band is opening for Presidents of the United States of America. No way I’m going to miss that! w00t! Looking forward to it.

Anyway… I’m done typing for now… soo… I’m going to go… over there… bye

Long time no update!!

Hello one or two! I’m at work… bored off my gored… or would it be goard. Who knows. Anyway… I have a lot of shtuff going on in my head right now. I’m working on the next phase of updates to my web site. I’m playing Final Fantasy 7 through again… and I may go through it a second time to copy down the basic script… then I’m thinking about making a little story out of it. “Why?” you ask. Because I like the story alot and I think it’s worth telling.

I also have this crazy idea that people aren’t going to have a clue what’s going to be happening in the movie since, based on previews, there’s a lot of reference to the back story. Thinking back on Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, the movie Squaresoft (now Square Enix) made a few years ago, I think the whole Gia philosophy that’s hooked into the story makes it hard for people to relate to and enjoy. They didn’t develope too much on the characters… the whole philosophy thing sorta took over. This time around the characters are already very well established, and there’s a lot of action and eye candy to fill up the space. I think that getting the story out would help alot in the character development… dunno… it’s really teedious so we’ll see.

Anyway, I’m over my break time… laterz


Yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing. Not as much nothing as Lindsay did… but pretty close. I did my taxes, obviously from my last post. I also did the laundry. My weekly excersize of taking three loads down and up per trip. I also went shopping for a couple food stuffs. Other than that I played Final Fantasy VII for about 8+ hours. I also poked around with my idea for a case… and played with the cat a little. Oh yeah… I got the first two pages of the FF7 song I’m learning on the piano memorised. Still not fluid… but that just takes practice. w00t! Piano is fun.

Anyway… my fellow employee is waiting patiently to get on this computer… so I’m off to mental never land while my body stays here to work.

I’ve got CHIIILLLZZZZ They’re multiplyin!

ROFL! HAHAHA! w00t w00t w00t! lol… I’m pretty damn excited right now. Chillz I say. Chillz apon chillz. I just recently discouvered Square Enix Inc. Formaly the company was known as Squaresoft… the names change is probably a legal formality of some sort, companys merging with companys and the like. I knew they didn’t disapear after dropping the name, there’s still stuff comeing out that reeks of them…. I’m straying from the point here… hmm… how to put this in a way one could understand…

Back in college, OIT still in the dorms, I picked up this game some how. Final Fantasy VII was it’s title. It’s a roll-playing game for the Play Station, but it was released for the PC by some wonderful twist of fate. This game ingulfed me. More than Crono Trigger. More than Morrowind. Even more than all of the Legend of Zelda games combined. … well maybe not THAT much. But it WAS the only game I’ve encountered that actually got me FEELING for the characters. True, I was playing as the characters. I beat monsters. I explored the world. But the mix of the story line and the music and the in game video was such that it hit a soft spot some how. There were times where I was choked up with tears… NEVER happend from a GAME before. When people think of computer game music they thing Mario Bros… or just a random beat in the back ground. Nobuo Uematsu composed the music for the game. One of the songs in the game still triggers a small emotional responce. It’s crazy. I learned to play it and a few other songs on the piano… but that was a while ago now. I’m not the only one either, while working at Fry’s this kid would come in and play music from Final Fantasy VII. It was awsome! We had a nice little chat.

But I don’t know how to explain it, and I feel like a fool talking about it because it’s just a video game! But to me it was more than that. Maybe part of it is because I had to stop the game three times in order to find a four disks that WORK!!! Holy crap, you have no idea how much time I spent trying to play the game all the way through. Finally I found a Play Station emulator for my PC and just bought the damn game. lol. Final Fantasy VIII and IX soon followed. IX was pretty damn good too, very catchy music and Zidane is a great main character.

Well… why am I sooooo excited now? They’re making a movie. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Interesting title, don’t you think? Only the second trailer is in english… but the pictures are all pretty, regardless. Go here if you want to read an English site talking about it. Do you remember Final Fantasy: Spirits Within? Or maybe Last Transmision of the Osirus from Animatrix? Yeah… we’re talking a story line VERY near and dear to my heart in the most phenominal computer graphics on the planet. AND they brought back Nobuo Uematsu to do the score too. Those songs you hear in the trailers… yeah… they’re in the game. He wrote a freaking OPRA for this game. Crap… I need to learn Japanese…

Anyway, thanks for reading my enthusiasm… I’m off to watch them all one more time… then I’ll dream about them. Good night