Mechanical Me

My brain had a flash after seeing a picture of the three Olympic runners baring their respective flags.  Kind of Chuck style between the cube that had that picture and about 50′ later when I started down the stairs I wondered how mechanized people were making themselves.  Artificial, supplementary lifestyle conditions or choices to satisfy some objective.  Becoming the best human at something, obtaining a feeling of adequacy, trying to live up to being noticed by someone else, etc.

Surprisingly this isn’t coming from the cynicism sector of my brain, as is common for this sorta train of thought(s).  It turned out being more of an interested observance of natural selection at work through the diversity if ideas and inspirations people apply themselves toward.  Mechanized action through repetitive motion to keep our bodies in form, nutrition through food manufactured or bred, and time/social management devices.

As humanity becomes more aware we incidentally become more aware of our own processes and seek to utilize that.  That is inherently true for the Earth and the universe itself.  Is there a balance that can be reached met where we can enjoy ourselves while seeing ourselves as systematic flesh in a mechanized universe?

The answer is yes.