ROFL, my new job is great. You notice my last journal entree says, “I start my new job today.” Then I’m gone. For ten days streight. I’m actually logged in at work right now, all alone updating my life journal. Traffic was horrible today. And I spent two hours trying to get a stupid printer to work on an even more stupid computer that was hooked up wierd.

Anyway, job. Yes. I’m sure people will want to hear about that. My brain is exploging, i don’t even know where to begin. I actually feel guilty for doing this because as soon as I’m done I get to log onto someones server remotely… speaking of which, i should do that and get those downloads running WHILE I do this…. brb… less than a minute later I’m back. Damn I’m good. Anyhoot. What am I talking about? Why am I talking like this??? Simple. I’m giving you an example of how my brain is working right now. Flying… well, stumbling along at a million miles an hour for 10+ hours a day. And I’m still thinking about it when I get home. Teehee… I just rebooted a server that’s 20 miles away from me.

Last week I got my phone. An LG 8100. Stupid thing. Wont let me set sounds or MP3s as Ringtones. Stupid verison wants you buy them or some crap. SCREW ‘EM. Phil took me around to a bunch of clients and introduced me. You wouldn’t want a stranger to touch your computer that runs your whole company right?

Lots of driving. Lots of learning. Phew… the server came back up. That took forever and was starting to scare me. I got a nifty new laptop. It’s not really mine… the company owns it. It’s for haling with fixing client computers and stuff, but I get to take it home and use it for whatever.

Man I’m tired. I get to go down to Salem to meet some people. We’re setting up the systems for Deluxe Icecream pretty soon, I get to be preped on it since there are desktops and learning to be done.

Anyway, I’m going to make use of free internet time while I can. TTYL everyone.

Spyware is of the Devil!

I turn on my computer this morning to the sight of my browser poping up some random webpage and an unknown icon running in my system tray. Damn spyware and their nosey annoying pointless useing my system. What does it hope to accomplish by being on my computer besides being as annoying as possible? I’ma kill the bastard when I get home. Blow it outta the water! RAWR!!

LAN party at Jesse’s this Sat night! w00t! I haven’t played those games in months… I’ma gunna die.

AND I watched a show last night called “Fire Me PLEASE!” It’s a reality TV show where two ppl at a time get hired on to seperate jobs at the same time. The object of the show for the ppl to try and get fired as close to 3pm as they can on their first day of the job. ROFL! It was hilarious. The ppl at the job thought they were insain/stupid as they do these completely off the wall things. Pretty much they TRY as HARD as they can to get in the suporvisers nerves enough for them to tell them “GET OUT! NOW!” Which usually results in the ex-employee giveing the suporviser a big hug as they just won $25,000. It was great. Me likey. So funny. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… my nose is running, so if you don’t mind…

Early Starts with Not a whole lot to do

Yup, sunday morning. A day off, and I just got done nuking my computer. I erased Windows XP Home and installed Windows XP Pro. My computer is running so much sleeker because of it too. Nothing like a computer off a fresh install.

Anyway… now what? Did I mention that I’m driving legally now? I finally got my tags; 6 months after they’ve been expired. Good times. Umm… I’m gunna go now… bye!

I’m ritch!… or I might be one day

Not to long ago I got a phone call at work, this lady was wondering if ENU made house calls. I almost laughed at her, that’s how bound and deturmined we are to conveniancing the customer at ENU. Number one is the company. Number two is the manager. Three is the customer. Associates get to clean up. That’s how every company is run. It has to be, or you could get sued… or screwed… or both. Anyway. That’s not a part of this story. I didn’t laugh at her, instead I told her I do house calls on the side. Numbers swap. Her new Dell arrives and she calls me up.

So around 9 I head over there and do my stuff(set up her computer, copying useful files from the old computer to the new via USB). Missing Alias and most of Lost 😦 But my mom taped it, so it’s ok 🙂 It was all pretty cool because I got a nearly functional computer and $75 out of the deal! After thinking about it I realised I spent about 4 hours working for that… 30 minutes of it was driving home and back for a eithernet cable. So laying back, chatting with this friendly older couple and using some useful computer knowledge I made more than I made in my 8 hours at work. I started laughing when I realised this while driving home. I could do this! For real! I know I can! I just DID it!

Well, my mind is all alight with how to get my ball a-rolling… but I better goto bed anyway.


I just read through my past journals, it’s kind of entertaining doing that. So I descided to post again, while I’m in the mood to do so. Yesterday was phun. I went to work. Answered phones while looking up Japanese words to put on a piece of paper to learn. The call of the day was a lady calling about her monitor. I handled her ignorence, impatience, and narrow mindedness badly. She didn’t know how the make the screen on her monitor streatch to the full screen; she was the one who accadentaly put it there to begin with, she admited that. But she didn’t have an engineering degree or the time to sit there and figure out how to function the little menu with the self-explanitory icons that made a monitor slightly less sophisticated than a microwave oven. I was mummbling and grumbling and wanting to strangle something when I was done.

I got to play games and kill things last night. BattleField Vietnam and Unreal Tournament 2004 came out yesterday and Jesse wanted to try em out. We were up until 2 playing these fabulous games. He’s trying to get me to buy them for myself so I can play with his friends and him next week during spring break. If I do that all constructive spirit and responsabilitys will fly out the window… thus I am reluctant.

Now I must work. Oh yah! Payday! w00t!