Godly Expansion

I would like to expand my position/opinion on The Force being considered a deity(s). By the standard definition of a god, saying The Force is God is backwards. Along the same lines as saying rectangles are squares… or if you want a less mathematical sense: The wood makes the carpenter. It only works so long philosophically before it falls flat.

Before I go into it let me say that I will not dispute there being a god just as none can dispute that there isn’t one… arguments about unfalsifiable claims is not what I’m on about.

The Force, at least how I currently understand people’s meaning when talking about it, IS everything living and not. A tennis ball, the gravity acting upon it and my will causing my body to toss it at someone. I guess you can see it as a catch all label for everything, whether I know about it or not. And that’s where many who use talk of a deity, by standard definition, fall down. A science pile of understanding… and a deity pile of understanding. Then archaeologists smash that interpretation with those little scrapers and picks.

That’s beside my point though… saying that god is the force is saying that god is everything. The ball, gravity, and me. Everything. As long as a person who mentions a deity understands this they can interchange the force with any word they want… they shouldn’t be offended by the misunderstanding though because they’re bound to run into the rest of the planet who will likely mistake their meaning.