Dayz go Buyz

Here I am on another lunch hour. Crap… I’m outta pop already. I hate it when fast food places have more ice than soda. Conspiracy, I tell you. *shakes fist threteningly in the direction I happen to be facing*

I’m actually not that bitter. I just like to make stuff up when I don’t have a whole lot to say… last night I got to watch Ground Hogs Day with Bill Murray. Good movie. Funny. I laughed. It got me all fuzzy inside…

Umm… I’m going to go find something better to do… LIKE GET A PAY CHECK!! BAHAHAH!!! w00t!

Ground Hogs Day…

Yup, apparently it’s ground hogs day. It’s sunny out so the silly ferrit will most likely see it’s shadow and there-fore winter will go on for another while. Or however that shin-dig goes. I’m watching Ground Hogs Day tonight, non-the-less because it’s funny. And I haven’t seen it for a while. And it’s still ground hogs day at 7:30 tonight.

Anyway, not much to tell. I cleaned my room. I found a new way to download Anime… there’s a fantastic fact you may not have known. I’m nerdular enough to enjoy cartoons from a foregn land. Since I have cable now, I suddenly have 4 gigs and counting. I’m looking at new hard drives too, lol. mushi mushi?

Anywhoot, I’m heading down to Corvallis as of Saturday. I’ll drop by Monmouth on the way down to eat a dinner made by a certain friend who shall remain Erin. Then it’s off to play a lot of games untill I get sick of Jesse kicking my butt… which will probably be until Sunday night. Practicing for PDX LAN, get my skillz back if I can. I haven’t touched UT2k4 in over a month, I’m a little rusty. Ok, a little is an over statement. I’m a down right n00b.

I’m off to work again… it keeps all sneeking up on my and shtuff. Laterz