My Life is Floating in an Ocean

Well, this morning I got up and watched things on the TV that eat blood. Bugs, leeches, a couple bats that looks eeriely like the scrab things from Half Life. Mom made breakfast while I started my studying and watching a show on the Hajai… the huge muslum gathering. Waffles and eggs and bacon, Oh my! It was good. A good start before going into my room and staring at a book.

A most odd thing has happened to me over the last couple of days though. As I walk up on what could considered the equivalent of graduation I find myself remanising alot. My life here in this area back in middle school and elementry school nine+ years ago. How everything changed when my family moved to Medford three days before I started my freshman year. My sorry attempts at obtaining a college education. Then some things that have been long forgoten and berried. My dreams to be a basketball player. Friends I once had here that slipped away when I moved.

Anyway… I better get back to the book.