IP Man (Movie)

IP Man is a Hong Kong movie released in December of 2008, so it’s been out for a while.  I recognize Donnie Yen, the main guy, from Blade II and Hero.  The version I watched was Chinese dialogue with English subtitles.

I think it stands out among the Hong Kung flicks I’ve seen because it’s a (loose) take on a real life historical figure in a historical period during Japan’s invasion of China in WWII.  The plot kept my interest fastened and the overall message left me feeling as though any person in the film Ip Man’s position would have done the same.  The fight choreography was really well done while blending well into the plot.

Feel free to discuss with spoilers in the comments if the urge comes to you.

2011 Birthday BBQ

We had an unneeded extra hour to get things ready since everyone was late, so I spent the time goofing around with Linux.  When Amy arrived I lit the coals and eventually put the burgers and dogs on.  Leza, Evin and various other girly friends of Caitlin came along shortly after the meats were meet-able. Chatting with peeps off and on and somewhere in there I amused myself playing beach-ball tag with Lorelai.  Usually she tries to get the ball, I let her get the ball and as she runs away or runs back my way I tap it out of her hand and bat it around a bit playing like I’m keeping it away from her.  Repeat.

Food was good.  The cupcakes cakes Caitlin got were scrumptious.  Eventually people started trickling out. Caitlin and some others left at the same time.  She went to the American Idol concert, others I’m not sure.  Ashley and her kid-friend stayed around for a while playing some princess game show thing with Jenny.  Eventually the only people left were Evin, Kip, Jenny, Lore, and myself.

Had long talks/listens about various things with Kip and Evin; epistemology and relationship stuff are the topics that stand out to me.  With Jenny we chatted about the history of eastern philosophy, history of marijuana, as well as other stuff.

When Kip and Jenny took off Evin and I watched IP Man which was a fantastic movie.  I have a review in the works if you’re curious.  Took Evin home, put Lorelai to bed, and I dinked around with Linux stuff until Caitlin came home.