Well, I’ll try again with this life journal thing. It’s just a little wierd typing to this thing because it’s hard to know if anyone is listening. If no one else reads, what’s the point? ^ It gives me something ot do other than play Morrowind for the second time though. There is a a point. A nifty game like Evercrack(quest) only it’s single player. Better in my openion, without the social factor is makes it less addicting and therefore I’m more apt to have a real social life. In theory.

Well nothing too exciting happened yesteray, I worked. The only thing that really stands out is a confrontation withat a sales guy. It’s a complex story summed up in saying he has no reaspect for fellow humans. I don’t know how he responds to other creatures, but people are just wallets and short-cuts to him. I hope he falls in a badger hole… he’d fit, he’s small enough.

Went to Izzy’s with friends last night, I had salad bar.