Godly Expansion

I would like to expand my position/opinion on The Force being considered a deity(s). By the standard definition of a god, saying The Force is God is backwards. Along the same lines as saying rectangles are squares… or if you want a less mathematical sense: The wood makes the carpenter. It only works so long philosophically before it falls flat.

Before I go into it let me say that I will not dispute there being a god just as none can dispute that there isn’t one… arguments about unfalsifiable claims is not what I’m on about.

The Force, at least how I currently understand people’s meaning when talking about it, IS everything living and not. A tennis ball, the gravity acting upon it and my will causing my body to toss it at someone. I guess you can see it as a catch all label for everything, whether I know about it or not. And that’s where many who use talk of a deity, by standard definition, fall down. A science pile of understanding… and a deity pile of understanding. Then archaeologists smash that interpretation with those little scrapers and picks.

That’s beside my point though… saying that god is the force is saying that god is everything. The ball, gravity, and me. Everything. As long as a person who mentions a deity understands this they can interchange the force with any word they want… they shouldn’t be offended by the misunderstanding though because they’re bound to run into the rest of the planet who will likely mistake their meaning.

A Bloggining Means


For myself and for those who happen upon here is a loose definition of this why:

A couple days ago Jedi Serenity (which is in no way linked to me or this blog) was made live. “In A Newbie’s Adventure” (and article) near the end Asta Sophi (it’s author) mentions wishing she had a blog as she went from pre-Jedi to Jedi (Thanks Asta Sophi!). And that really is what this blog is about. Voicing my personal philosophical ideas… so my future mind can track past thoughts, hence the title.

Currently, as in today, I don’t consider myself a Jedi. But my stumbling upon The Jediism Way has put my mind there… I have to be honest that it’s kind of nice to believe in something again.

Just as a brief belief history:
1982-2001: Non-denominational Christian
2001 – 2007: Theist
2007-Now: Agnostic atheist

Which leads me to The Force. Not a deity… yet still an intangible label for the gut and non-gut connection between life and the seemingly chaotic order I see in the world around me. It’s actually a simple step to go from thinking about the Tao to believing in ‘The Force’.  I think the concept fits the modern day spirit more because it holds water regardless of scientific findings since it is, by definition, an unexplainable nothing that makes it all work.  It can basically be seen as the true law of the universe, a mechanical nothing, and it’ll do it’s thing irregardless of whether one thinks or talks about it.

As far as the term “Jedi”. I am still considering this… Believing in a mystical force doesn’t make you a Jedi. It’s an off concept compared to Judaism based western religions where you believe in ‘X’ therefore you are ‘Y’ and should be reading ‘Z’. But the Jedi only have a fictitious universe and themselves to conger up their affiliation… there is no ‘X’. There’s only a sub affiliation of ‘F’ for Force, then chaotic random groupings of people adding whatever baggage they feel fits… *shrug* I don’t think I could call my self Jedi, a blatantly obvious word of fiction, while claiming to have come to that label rationally.  Also, I’m leery of personal molds; even ambiguous ones.