Shtuff and stuff, you know?

Three days until my test. Then hopefully I’ll be Dustin, MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). Am I ready? I Don’t Know. And I hate it. The book contains eveyrthing you can find on the installation, troubleshooting and upgrading of Windows XP Pro. It’s like taking SATs all over again. Take you pick of books to study out of… you’ll be tested on… math. Period. That’s right the whole subject of math. Oh yeah, and literature too. Good luck!

Anyway, tomorrow is my day off. I’m locking myself in my room with my book where I’ll take their practice questions to figure out where I need to brush up. First time out I figure my best shot is walking in knowing as much about every aspect of the operating system as possible. At least in failing I’ll know what I REALLY need to learn. blah blah blah

Saw Dukes of Hazard last night with Jesse, Ben and Jon. It had some hilarious parts in it… it’s such a guy movie. Mmm…. Dodge Charger with a really big engine jumping, crashing and being chased by cops. Luke and Bo Duke doing some crazy shtuff that would piss people off and get them into a position where they were getting chased over jumps and reving the big engine. Oh. And there’s explosions too. The reckless and stupid kind that don’t have a point except that it’s loud, it’s big, and it… well… explodes. The first one that comes to mind involves a plastic gas can(full of gas), a bow, and an arrow with a flaming tip. Target practice. BOOM! ROFL! W00T!

LJ Update, PDX Edition!!!

Yeah, last weekend was teh PDX LAN!! It started on Friday, and I went over there after work. And after I installed some new fans and cables in my computer. Anyway, it was crazy kewl. I already knew what to expect because I’ve been there before… same location and everything. Yeah, there were about 430 computer gamers there doin’ their thing. Almost all had case mods. Lots of glowing lights. Jesse, John and I sat near the back of the room, opposit side from the stage. It was dark and cold there because they have the AC cranked… 500 computer put out a lot of heat.


I played a couple new games like Coll of Duty(CoD), and the infamous Counter Strike(CS). I mostly just played Unreal Tournament 2004(UT2k4). I was in the UT2k4 tournament too. I played Legolas in the first round… oddly enough the person used a female skin… and when I met him after the match he was a well rounded fellow. Nice guy. It was a pretty close match. He definately didn’t make it easy for me. He kept picking up the Flak Canon, my weapon of choice. So I had to settle for the lighning gun and shock rifle… long range precision weapons. Unfortunatly for him my aim was on. I beat him 24 to 21.

Next round I played Chaos from the PDX clan. I got totaly pwned. I think the score was 40 to 3 or something when the server died. I had fun though. He was one of the best there, so I knew he was going to destroy me. I was happy to get him a couple times… and I stayed alive pretty long when he spotted me. I just couldn’t cuz through his armor… witch he always had a lot of.

Anyway, fun stuff. Jesse, Jon and I went to the hotels pool and hot tub to wind down. We ended the night with some UT2k4 CTF InstaGib. That was crazy and fun too. I know that all of my non-gamer friends will have a hard time even carring about what happened at the LAN. I skipped alot. I plan to do it all again in august though… 1000 people! That’ll be great!

Work time… peace!