bock, bock, bock… Beh-KOCK! Peck peck… My text impression of a chicken.

Yeah, the rest of the day yesterday went well(sunday). After beeing utterly bored out of my mind I got a call from Jesse to find he was bored too. Since two boreds make a usually less bored life, oddly enough. I brought over some of my entertainment… we watched the new Pure Pwnage, Killer Bean and something else worth while. Eventually we got hungry and went for some mack and cheese… washing it down with Lonely Housewives(still think it’s a horrible show).

We went back up stairs and watched Shawn of the Dead. A very british zombie spoof movie. One of those movies that was entertaining in a way only british movies can be. I wouldn’t see it again… but it was one worth the watch. Snatch is still far better though.

Today was crap…

I’m going back to my book. Night.