ROFL, my new job is great. You notice my last journal entree says, “I start my new job today.” Then I’m gone. For ten days streight. I’m actually logged in at work right now, all alone updating my life journal. Traffic was horrible today. And I spent two hours trying to get a stupid printer to work on an even more stupid computer that was hooked up wierd.

Anyway, job. Yes. I’m sure people will want to hear about that. My brain is exploging, i don’t even know where to begin. I actually feel guilty for doing this because as soon as I’m done I get to log onto someones server remotely… speaking of which, i should do that and get those downloads running WHILE I do this…. brb… less than a minute later I’m back. Damn I’m good. Anyhoot. What am I talking about? Why am I talking like this??? Simple. I’m giving you an example of how my brain is working right now. Flying… well, stumbling along at a million miles an hour for 10+ hours a day. And I’m still thinking about it when I get home. Teehee… I just rebooted a server that’s 20 miles away from me.

Last week I got my phone. An LG 8100. Stupid thing. Wont let me set sounds or MP3s as Ringtones. Stupid verison wants you buy them or some crap. SCREW ‘EM. Phil took me around to a bunch of clients and introduced me. You wouldn’t want a stranger to touch your computer that runs your whole company right?

Lots of driving. Lots of learning. Phew… the server came back up. That took forever and was starting to scare me. I got a nifty new laptop. It’s not really mine… the company owns it. It’s for haling with fixing client computers and stuff, but I get to take it home and use it for whatever.

Man I’m tired. I get to go down to Salem to meet some people. We’re setting up the systems for Deluxe Icecream pretty soon, I get to be preped on it since there are desktops and learning to be done.

Anyway, I’m going to make use of free internet time while I can. TTYL everyone.