Consolidation Complete

Well, it’s that time once again, I’ve rolled into a brand spanking new blog account. I got a little carried away during my integration with Google+ and updated my Linkedin and Twitter accounts. When I got to blogspot I got it in my head to consolidate which turned into a three day project when I realized I have an old Livejournal account dating back to February of 2004. Anyway, just about everything from blogger, Livejournal, Myspace, and Facebook type blogs made it in.

It’s been interesting opening this time capsule and strolling down memory lane. Seeing friends come and go. Watching attitude and philosophy transition. Noticing my spelling and grammar improve; I didn’t edit anything… it still starts atrocious if you want to go back and see.  I’m planning on making a link list for key points that people might be interested.  What happened when I discovered Caitlin’s pregnancy for example.  There are some good tales in there.

Right now the purpose of this blog is just to document the events and thoughts happening around methe way I used to in the olden days. I’ll also include an innovation that I particularly liked: adding a links section to the bottom of my blog for worthy findings as I link hop. A meager example is below, I haven’t done much surfing during this project.

I have Caitlin’s birthday BBQ, an Ip man review, and our trip to Colorado back logged but going forward posts will be posted in the order I write them.

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Nerd: Footprints in the Sand
Nerd: The only batmobile with a real jet-turbine engine
Something Completely Different: LOG!
Something Completely Different: RANDOM SONG!
Politics: Lobbyist Numbers?
Science: Evolution
Secular: Faith vs reason


I’m writing this post in notepad right now.
“But Dustin, why ever would you do that?”
I’ll tell you why my inquisitive friend. I now have dial-up. I decided a while ago that I was going to cancel cable so I can save some money (~$50/mo). I stopped paying the bill two months ago and just waited for them to shut me off. I’m going to pay them back, naturally. But I’m not getting cable back until I get a new job.
Dial-up is SO SLOW!!
“How SLOW is it?”
It’s SO SLOW that it takes me two or three tries to log into most sites, including Live Journal. LJ has been having problems when I had cable… hence why I’m writing first and logging to post after. I tell yuh. I don’t know if my ADD can handle this…

Meh, it isn’t that bad. I just have to do other things with my life. Such as reading. Or learning the piano. Or eating… I’m fairly fond of that one sometimes… but I’m not much of a recreational eater… so I just eat with the focus of getting full.

Anyway… nothing else really to tell. Work is work. Same Shtuff Different Day. Only I’m doing it in the Portland store… because manager Jash wants me to build systems fast like them. Mainly I’ve been doing sales over there tho… go figure.

I want a new job
I Want a new job
I Want a New job
I Want A New Jorb!!!!!

I just clicked a link. I think I’ll go to the theater and watch a movie… maybe it’ll load by the time I get back.


Its a Trend!!

Looks like my sister has joined the LJ world. I guess her friend Erin has been here for a while, I just didn’t know about it.

Anyway… today is Sunday… I have today off. I like having days off, even though I rarely do anything with them. I’m tinkering with my webpage. Again. I swear… I’ll be able to post something one of these days.

Well, Friday night I went to a little shin-dig at Jessica and Linsdays appartment. Lindsay and Erin cooked a thanks giving dinner martha stewart style(more or less, the gravey that never happened is now a story of legend) and we had a feast on the floor of their living room. Fun times were happened by all, we drank(sparkling cider) and we were merry(an understatement for some). Batta-w00t!

Sunday night I went over to Jesse’s house… we started setting up his computer, never got to it because I found a guitar. We jammed until Amy S., not tickle fight Amy from Thanksgiving update, showed up. We went to see Blade Trinity… it was a good movie. I liked it better than any of the other Blade flix. Anyway, we went back to his house and ate, exchanged enuendos around the dinner table… three bananas were broken, squeezed to death and finally eaten. A yam was talked about in a ways I’m sure that yams are not accustomed. Then I went home and slept… I think I dreamed about work… how depressing.

Anyway, I’m bored with typing… I’m outta’ here