Yesterday I did a whole lot of nothing. Not as much nothing as Lindsay did… but pretty close. I did my taxes, obviously from my last post. I also did the laundry. My weekly excersize of taking three loads down and up per trip. I also went shopping for a couple food stuffs. Other than that I played Final Fantasy VII for about 8+ hours. I also poked around with my idea for a case… and played with the cat a little. Oh yeah… I got the first two pages of the FF7 song I’m learning on the piano memorised. Still not fluid… but that just takes practice. w00t! Piano is fun.

Anyway… my fellow employee is waiting patiently to get on this computer… so I’m off to mental never land while my body stays here to work.

Horray for old friends!

Justin is coming up today. He’s my best friend back from high school days in Medford. His band is playing a show in Portland at Ash Street Saloon. Friends need to turn 21 so they can come. Anyway, it’s always a blast when Justin and I get together. It’s like we just feed off each others crazy, wierd vibe. He’s sorta like me, plays ignorent most of the time because it’s a hella more fun than being mister smarty. Just like high school. w00t!

Umm… OH! I thought of the coolest idea for a case last night. Lindsay and I were talking about designing her a case a couple nights back. Didn’t think anything of it, but she seems all excited. Last night I was feeling bored with my case so I just took a note card and drew a motherboard on it, since that’s practicly what any case would be built around. I was looking at it… visualising, then I turned it on its side. Woah. That would be tight! You could put cords anywhere on the case. I’m still thinking about it a little now and then… i think I’m a genious tho.

P.S. I’m hungry

P.P.S.S. I’m going to go eat then fly to work in my new jet-pack.


Kind of random. I was in the shower and I suddenly got Bohemian Rhapisty(sp?) stuck in my head. I’m pleased to learn that I have the ENTIRE song up there in my noodle. Not only the words, but the tones, times and the major instramentals too. I usually only get bits and peices on my brain radeo, but this one played all the way through non-stop. I should really learn to play the piano…