Preps and Interviews

I have an interview with Stream tomorrow. It’s a place that does tech support over the phone. They called me two weeks ago, but I was so focused on getting my MCP that I just ignored it. BUT then they called me again last Thursday(11th). I thought it was odd for a company to be so presistant to obtain a peon.

Maybe it’s Brian’s contact on the inside pushing them to contact me so Brian will stop bugging them. Maybe they actually like my credentials. But it made me curious so I’m going to their interview to give them a chance. They’re at a disadvantage though because I have two contacts on two seperate occasions that say that this employer is crap. On top of that the Stream lady on the phone quoted me $9/hr, only a few dimes more than what I make now. They also have benufits… but chances are that I’ll be looking for a professional job before those beny’s even kick in.

It’s so bizzar walking into an interview, head held high, knowing that I can tell them, “No, thanks; I have it better where I’m at. Oh BTW, you might want to do something about your reputation.”

Anyway, I’m going to go fiddle with my bike. Need to get it ready for the family reunion this weekend 😉