A new wah?

I’ll update for the first time in months… got the idea from Mrs. Doodle’s when I descovered that she had a live journal in her AIM profile. Anyway, I’m really stoked right now. I’M HIRED!!! Thaz right friends and utter strangers I now work for a small computer company in hillsboro. Pretty much selling computers. Whole ones and pieces… or I take the pieces and build a whole one for you. Full time job. REGULAR hours. When do I work on monday? 10-7. How about Thursday? 10-7… how about monday three months from now? 10-7. Can you say w00t!? I can! w00t! I haven’t quit Emoh De Pot yet… I figure that I’ve been working 20 hours a week for so long that I need to make up for it SO I’m going to work 60+ hour weeks for as long as I can stand it. Not like I have much else going on, right? Sides, I have debts to pay of… and I want to have a descent car again. Savey Savey.

Well, asside from the feeling below *relieved* I’m also tired… gunna go curl up in my bed and sleep until I have to work some more.