Finally, after a couple months of having a computer I’ve loosened my compulsion for the solitary society of Facebook and re-found my blogs.  Upon looking back, this is my third blog, I’ll link to the others and their succession in one of the side panels here; not that I expect anyone other than me to explore my history.

A lot has happened in seven months.  The biggest part, of course, is Lorelai, but it’s hard to keep track of her progress.  She’s been a busy blessing over all.  I’ll talk about my job and other aspects as I think of them… Lorelai will come up later on.
Back then I just passed the two year mark working for Stream, a call center where I was tech support for media software.  Well, June they fired me for being six minutes late.  It counted as a partial day occurrence, my last straw.  What’s funny is that if I had used a full day occurrence, as in skipped out, I may still be working there.  Go figure.
After a long month of job searching it worked out.  Siemens hired me and the first thing they teach in training is that Siemens is a German company founded and named after an inventor named Werner von Siemens… I wonder why?  Siemens has been around for quite a while, but I didn’t know squat about them besides their global status.
Anyway, one of the leads for the project brought me in for an interview… the client for this project is Nike, the ginormous shoe/advertising company with it’s fingers and toes in every aspect touching the words ‘sport’ and ‘athlete’.  I was brought in back in June and it’s been a pretty interesting ride.  The energy of the Nike campus and it’s inhabitants is pretty addicting.  It awoke what’s left of that athlete I left behind in my freshman year of high school; which is another story.  I’m working towards being active again; not sure the specific what of that.  Either basketball, some martial art, or just running in general.  I’m leaning martial art because it would be a good thing for Lorelai to get into also; discipline, resolve, self defense, coordination… I could do all of the above, and likely will eventually.  But with my schedule and finances I can only squeeze in one.
Not to long, in my opinion, after getting hired at Siemens I proposed to Caitlin; who said yes, of course.  We’ve moved her out of her mother’s home, where I was pretty much living myself since that’s where my family was.  We’re still in Beaverton, near the Scholls Ferry Rd. McDonald’s.  A two bed, two bath apartment with washer/dryer in unit and relatively new building (2003 I think).  I’ve technically been living here since the day after Lorelai’s birth, though I’d only sleep here once a week tops.  I had a room mate up until the point we moved in.
Anyway, we’re still kind of adjusting to fit and afford living.  Caitlin’s taken on a part time position selling makeup at Washington Square in addition to going to school.  I’m taking lunches to work and use computer and Internet for entertainment.  Over-all, once we’re in a groove I think we’re going to come out in a comfortable spot with more elbow room; time will tell.
Barak Obama is president elect, that’s new!  That’s a different story and discussion from me though.
Let’s go with that for now.  I’m going to take a nap.

He’s kind of a big deal

I did start a post about Christmas/holidays and family… touchy feely stuff that got complicated and wordy so I decided to move on for now, I may go back to it after Christmas. This post I aim to talk about another subject that’s popped up just last week. It’s inspired me to create a wallpaper and listen to theme music repeatedly. None other than that egotistical fictional icon from my youth Duke Nukem. The guys at 3D Realms came out with a teaser last Wednesday breaking a hiatus of nothing for a officially substantial couple year period… nearly 10 year period for me. I gave up on a new game when their website switched to saying “When it’s Done.”

Blond military style crew-cut, tank top showing off a ripping bicep that slowly, easily, reps a massive dumb-bell in a dark room while wearing sunglasses, smoking a big stogy, and a ready beer beside him. He drops the weight, stands up and calmly blows smoke in your face. The cliche self-absorbed, larger-than-life, testosterone filled action hero personified in every extreme. If I didn’t know the guy I probably wouldn’t have even opened the teaser, like so many other games that have been released in the last 10 year… has it been 10 years already?

The beer on the ground with a label only viewable by pausing and zooming shows the only hint of the developers sense of detail and humor. “Scores: all the time.” This interactive creativity and wit is what made so many gamers love Duke Nukem. The replay-ability of single player because even after you beat the levels there are functional secrets and easter eggs that often also reward you with funny one liners from Duke. You find a hung Luke Skywalker “Now this is a force to be reckoned with.” The final level of one of the episodes you can blow up a Duff Beer blimp. In multi-player some of the best maps were actually single player levels, which says something about how non-linear the levels can be. Imagine that, explorable levels in a FPS…

I look forward to dukematch again. deathmatch= fun through competition, if you don’t practice you suck, dukematch from my memory=just have fun, if you suck… just give em hell as best you can. There are plenty of options for that.

Needless to say, when Duke Nukem Forever comes out I’ll be updating my system to play it.

Take it in pieces

NuVinci from DaVinci – The infamous inventor/painter/thinker of old still influences new innovations. Like this bike for example. They call it ‘The Ride’ and it has a ‘NuVinci’ transmission based on one of DaVinci’s ideas.
Dissapearing Car Door? – We all know that car doors swing out. There are suicide doors, gull wing doors, and the more recent sporty Scissor doors. A disappearing door that rolls down under the frame defies all logic! Check out the company that makes the nifty conversion. Just change your alternator religiously, don’t let your battery die, or leave your remote in your car.
Adults can’t use kids toys – What a shocker. I’ll talk about the XO and OLCP in a post some other time. Way way cool idea.
Library Chairs of the Future? – Kind of a cool concept. Jelte can Geest is the designer.
Coal vs nuclear power? – Scientific American reports findings that the ash from burning coal is more radioactive than nuclear waste. Huh? Burning coal is carbon combusting with oxygen to maintain a heat. In a power plant that heat boils water, producing steam, which does the work to spin a turbine with magnets that move near a wire thus coaxing electrons to move along at an alternating current. Where are the radioactive materials in this? The coal. Turns out that coal can contain trace elements of uranium and thorium which are small enough to escape into float off with the smoke. It’s not enough to kill you… in fact you’re already being bombarded by background radiation from the Earth, the sun, space in general, and some general human-made objects. So then what’s the point? The point is that the surrounding area of a nuclear plants have less radiation. There have been blunders with nuclear power, but the technology has advanced quite a bit. How many nuclear warheads do we have laying around in bunkers in the US. Not that they’re near most places… I only bring it up because we’ve gotten pretty damn good at working with this kind of stuff.
Silly apple adds – Funny PC guy only out for money… he’s not in the spirit of Christmas at all! How much does an Apple computer cost? I’m not against Apple at all… they are a viable option in the world of pre-built systems. They even have their advantages over the a PC in some respects. I’m just bothered as anyone who knows ‘their subject’ would be when misinformation is used as a basis of promotion.
The Spirit of X-mas – Representative Jim McDermott and 7 other democrats gave a ‘nay’ vote for celebrating Christmas. I’m not sure about the other 7, but Mr. McDermott cast his vote out of protest for President Bushes veto on a heath care bill. “I guess I’m the only guy left in Congress who still gets angry, but there are some tings that are just not right.” Not too sure what to make of this and I’m not interested enough to look into it. I just thought it was generally an odd way of protesting Bushy.
Torture – I believe in reason. Many ideals on many common issues are relative to a persons personal belief, personal circumstance, or just general point of view. There are very few issues that I will get me revved up enough to flat out say “YOU’RE WRONG” before a persons argument and “YOU’RE WRONG” after. Torture itself is a discussion. I’m avidly against it because not only is it inhumane and psychologically bad for the interrogator. It doesn’t work. Is water boarding torture? Yep, it is. I can’t comprehend the reasoning of the other side. If it’s conceivably helps our people stay safe from the boogie man we can smudge the definition of a word? What? What’s also fishy is that the side of our government who harp most about the necessity of religious values and morality is the side who thinks these circumstantial distortions are justified in the name of civil security.

What I think doesn’t mean anything… but it feels good to express my nothingness.

New news for fun views

The gift of fresh breath – For you or your loved one who hates flossing there’s a new shower attachment for your teeth! That’s right, for just $24.95 you clean your teeth just before washing your face without all the hassle of mirrors, strings, or loosing circulation in your finger tips. Oral irrigation is the way to go!

A poop on history – Some atheist somewhere felt compelled to respond to the Pope’s declaration that atheism has lead to the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice. I haven’t found the Popes speech online yet; I’m wondering what historical events the Pope spoke of. He also fore-shamed Christians for focusing so much on individual salvation rather than following the teachings of Jesus who says that the key true Christian hope involves salvation for all (ABC News). Sounds like a Pope-talk: “They’re bad, they always have been. Keep your eye on the ball and you can do better.” It might help to see all of what he said…

While on that note…

Porn for girls by girls – What really turns a girl on! EXTREME CONSIDERATION! Rough Treatment of Belgium Chocolates! Finger massages?? Huh?

Trust me, its safe(and funny) for all ages and modesties.

Interesting News From Monday the 10th

Hmm, well looks like blogspot effectively blocks all my nifty interactive hypertext (fancy talk for HTML). I’ll keep looking for ways around it, in the mean time I’ll be having long messy update pages. I’ll try make my commentary as concise as possible.

Just Plain Interesting
Blindness a Disability? – Not to this mother. This is a video clip from CBS news about her son who lost his eyes at 2. He’s now 14y.o. and able to roller blade with friends in the street. Some kind of Geordi-like visor? Nope, from the beginning momma just told him that’s life. He’ll be fine because he has four other senses at his disposal. Don’t focus on the ailment, focus on the patient: like in Path Adams (my words, not hers). Now he hears like a bat, or a dolphin by their example. Constantly clicking and using the echo around him as his reference. He also throws a pillow with deadly accuracy. Watch him in action through the link above.

Jaw dropping building – This is a video clip form Discovery Channels “Really Big Things” show. The building is called Burj Dubai (Arabic for Dubai Tower, creative huh?) and currently resides in Dubai a city in a Middle Eastern federation territory called United Arab Emirates (First I’ve heard of it). This thing is, indeed, massive. Awe inspiring. Here is a pic that I found showing the structure along side other sky scrapers. Estimated to reach over 2600ft when done it could pass the half mile mark (1 mile=5280ft) and tower over other buildings by thousands of feet. After sputtering over the sheer size of the thing I couldn’t helf but use the phrase, “This thing is stupid big.” Which got me wondering if this compilation of resources would be more or less efficient regarding space efficiency, population maintenance, job creation etc etc than our typical setup and spread over the lands way of civilization. I see obvious benefits and possible drawbacks… I don’t have much of an answer to besides base assumptions derived by my limited experience and knowledge.

Two nozzle drinking fountains: Why? – Because where the arc comes together you get more water since it’s not thinning out as much. It also useful for natural pressure regulation. And it’s safer than your standard single nozzle… huh? No description the how even after looking a half dozen other articles on the inventor, Halsey Taylor. Taylors dad died in 1896 of typhoid fever… so the motivation was there. 10 years later Luther Haws, plumber and sanitation inspector, invented the first faucet for drinking in 1906 after seeing a class of kids drinking from a one tin cup. Taylor invented his nozzle in 1912 according to a drinking fountain company site with his name all over it. They also boast safety without describing the how. Marketing ploy? That’s how it sounds.

A step closer to true electric cars? – A German firm named Li-Tec in Saxony seems to have a breakthrough. Their technology aparently takes up 30% less volume than Toyota’s and can go three times further than France’s. I’m mainly curious how far the cars can go on a charge, how many times they can REcharge, and how much of the physical battery they can recycle when they do die.

A ban on the sale of incandescent bulbs? – It’ll happen in Ireland January, 2009. Harsh? Only if you think forcing people to save money is harsh.

Distant Thought – Back in 2004 NASA’s Voyager 1 crossed a boundry known as Termination shock where solar wind becomes subsonic (slower). NASA wasn’t paying attention, they were looking somewhere else, possibly Cassini. NASA was listening when Voyager 2 crossed in August 2007 and was 84 AU(~0.001 lightyears, ~7 trillion miles) from the Sun. At that time Voyager 1 was ~103.6 AU. Really really far out there. Pluto is around 32 AU. Our little probes haven’t even left the solar system yet. Feel Small?

First day

Well, had my first day at work today. I actually can’t wait to go back. Kind of a wierd feeling, even though I’m not sure how long it will last. Actually WANTING to goto work. It’s a cozey litte company. Everything is still done pretty logically and makes sense(unlike coorprate retailers). Kind of cool really. AND I find that I’m not as out of practice with computers as I thought… I was able to help out with techinical questions quite a few times today. Once I get back up to speed and INSIDE some computers, I’ll get my certifications sooner than I thought 😉


BTW, I’m pretty excited that Mt. Saint Hellins is acting up. I know… bad things can happen… I truely hope they don’t. But a side of me thinks it would make a good excuse to unify people a little. Without Helens, what would we have? That’s right polotics… or Hollywood(which is just as bad). Good thing the news(in addition) tells us that Mt. Hood has had one earth quake a year for the past while… and some peak in sisters has been developing a bulge most likely caused my magma. Based on the info out there now, nothing in Oregon has Helens like signs; don’t think there’s much to fear at the moment… but it does make me wonder how long the ring of fire is going to stay rockey ash. Scientests give it 30 years(on a 1-15 or 1-30 chance) in other words they can’t see the plates move or the magma flow. They just know that it shakes a little from time to time and the last time hood did a whole lot of anything was a mildly impressive spewing in 1805. It hasn’t been in a really distructive mood since the 1700s… so great uncle rock and aunty buffalo say. But buffalo don’t articulate… they tend to mumble alot. As for rocks… now that’s just silly. Even the smallest Babbel fish couldn’t pick up telepathic intentions comeing from those stubbern things.