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It’s interesting reading my ‘sharing’ state of mind over the last couple years of having this blog. Its funny when old works come back and when I see them today I kind of wince and think, “That was a silly thing to say.”

This may sound weird to me later too…

The door I use to get into the building where I work requires a badge swipe before the swipper LED turns green granting access and the door gives a loud “CLACK” while unlatching. Yesterday the LED turned green, there was the “CLACK”, but the door didn’t open; the latch was stuck. Luckily there was a nice man there who had already called maintenance and let me in so I didn’t have to walk to the lobby side of the building.

Today I go to swipe my badge wondering if the door will be cooperative today… the access is already allowed, so it isn’t a problem. While walking in I notice something on the floor. It could be saw-dust, or it could be a little bug and I wondered what it was doing there. Then my mind went to an article I read yesterday about ants and altruism… sum up: in some ant species ants dying of a parasite will leave the nest to go off to die alone. Read the article here.

That led me to wonder about personality in general. How much of it is personal projection? Does that include my own actions/reactions that make up my personality? I’m inclined to say it’s not that easy, but there’s some truth to it.

Just a random thought.

On My Mind
Learning: Apple Cert
Learning down the pike: Network+, Security+
Learning: Peaceful Days, the song I play all the time on piano, now on Guitar
General Creating: Applying guitar tabs on a treble clef idea to Peaceful Days to help with learning and keep motivation on doing that.
Music: Made a mock-album of song names based on various topics that I get expressive over. This was actually yesterday, now I’m pondering how to start writing songs based on those titles.
Drawing: Got an idea for a Chrono Trigger fan art series of pics… a starting frame for each CT character. I already have the scene setups for 5 of the 7 characters.
Drawing: Got an idea for a drawing with a steam-punk music scientist who uses a pre-electric guitar electric guitar, gutted piano, and drums. Pretty Animusic esque, but with a human/steam-punk element.
Writing: In this blog… lots of little whys, but no real big one.