Sad Good Byes :.(

There was once an adventurer named Riva. He once quested too and fro across Azuroth. Healing guildmates, friends and strangers. Random moonfire pillars here and there to add some damage. But now he has lay down his dagger an left that world never to return. A moment of silence please.

I deleted my main char in WoW tonight so I might focus on my real goals better. No one told me to do it. Not directly anyway. It was entirely my own thought process. I put 4 months into something, it’s only natural that you get teary-eyed when you have to sacrafice it for a greater good. I feel light headed… and meloncoly. The friends I made. Diving Guardians, my guild. All the goals I strived so hard to achieve in that world. The mount. A set of wild leather armor. Gone. SHIT!

Anyway… that’s over, I hope it will be worth is damn it! I’m going to bed.


Yeah, home depot is a no go. They don’t have room for me, so I’m now officially not a De Pot member any longer. Umm… not much really happened today. Just work and stuff… things are going pretty damn good there. I think that the assosiates are getting used to me. The know-it-all of the group isn’t looking at me like a moron as much any more.

Oh yeah, I played Unreal Tournament 2004 tonight and I BEAT JESSE TWICE at it. This may sound like no a big thing… maybe even egotistical gloating. BUT you have no idea. Were’ talking hundreds, nearing thousands of games here. Think of the game you know best. Now think of the best person you know personaly at that game. Now imagine, if you can, that some switch got tripped in you, and suddenly you’re as good as that person… maybe even a little better. That’s how I’m feeling right now. Normaly I am playing at my BEST by getting half Jesse’s score. Playing that well I’m feeling that I gave him a little compatition. Tonight, not only did I beat him… in the second game he was THIRD place. I’m savoring this moment while I can because Jesse HATES losing. BTW, this fact adds to this days sweetness since he’s a cocky little punk when he’s winning. Alas, I expect to be severely pounded back into my place tomorrow night.

Anyw00t… I got payed… wonder how I’ll spend it…