First day

Well, had my first day at work today. I actually can’t wait to go back. Kind of a wierd feeling, even though I’m not sure how long it will last. Actually WANTING to goto work. It’s a cozey litte company. Everything is still done pretty logically and makes sense(unlike coorprate retailers). Kind of cool really. AND I find that I’m not as out of practice with computers as I thought… I was able to help out with techinical questions quite a few times today. Once I get back up to speed and INSIDE some computers, I’ll get my certifications sooner than I thought 😉


BTW, I’m pretty excited that Mt. Saint Hellins is acting up. I know… bad things can happen… I truely hope they don’t. But a side of me thinks it would make a good excuse to unify people a little. Without Helens, what would we have? That’s right polotics… or Hollywood(which is just as bad). Good thing the news(in addition) tells us that Mt. Hood has had one earth quake a year for the past while… and some peak in sisters has been developing a bulge most likely caused my magma. Based on the info out there now, nothing in Oregon has Helens like signs; don’t think there’s much to fear at the moment… but it does make me wonder how long the ring of fire is going to stay rockey ash. Scientests give it 30 years(on a 1-15 or 1-30 chance) in other words they can’t see the plates move or the magma flow. They just know that it shakes a little from time to time and the last time hood did a whole lot of anything was a mildly impressive spewing in 1805. It hasn’t been in a really distructive mood since the 1700s… so great uncle rock and aunty buffalo say. But buffalo don’t articulate… they tend to mumble alot. As for rocks… now that’s just silly. Even the smallest Babbel fish couldn’t pick up telepathic intentions comeing from those stubbern things.