I’ve been blogged!!!ing

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Hello world. I descided to write a blog about something. What should it be? I don’t know. I can’t talk about work, even though good stuff has been happening. I can say that it’s prompted a creative streak in me that seems to have lasted longer than other hobbylistic spells I’ve had. I’ve been teaching myself to notice features and mimic character drawings so I can start seeing what makes characters recodnizable. My main focus is to up my creative ability so I can make somewhat descent Flash animation. Who knows how long this intrest will last, I may never get around to producing the ideas I have. I can be rather flighty with this kind of thing; I think the only reason I’ve lasted so long with this is how multi-dementional and puzzeling paper drawing and object/vector modeling animation can be.

What else? I still have Caitlin, she’s on her bed reading LOTR for Tolkien class. I finished the Witch Hunter Robin anime yesterday, which I recomend. It’s one of the better drawn anime’s I’ve seen. Hmm… well dinner is about ready… thanks for reading!


Interview and movies…

The interview wasn’t any biggie. I was fashionably late because I didn’t know where it was. I walked in, a guard took my name and put me in a little room all alone for four or five minutes. I was greeted by this hulking guy with a tatoo on his arm. He took me into a seperate office and another little room with a table and some chairs on either side. He did what all interviews seem to do; have me describe some pickel that came up in the past; then how I delt with it. Or ask an unexpected question so he can see how fast I think on my feet. I did very well, actually, and they offered me a job on starting next Monday. I said, “Are you going to pay me more?” They said, “uh, no.” So I said “Then no, but keep me on your list so you can look me up if you’re ever in a bind.”

That was that so I went to Fry’s and got Sin City. That was such a bizzar movie. The story lines were entertaining, but nothing special. It was extremely violent, true to Tarenteno’s past works. I absolutely LOVE the whole style it carried. The detective monolog of sights, feelings and hunches. Then the way they screwed with the color, or lack there of. The way they did it made objects, structure and character stand out like plain old color could never do… that I know of. You see what the directors want you to see.

We also ended up watching The Increadibles and Finding Neverland. Both of those were good movies too. I hadn’t seen Finding Neverland before, so that was a treat.

Anyway, my eyes are burning from looking at a TV to long, I’m going to bed.

Preps and Interviews

I have an interview with Stream tomorrow. It’s a place that does tech support over the phone. They called me two weeks ago, but I was so focused on getting my MCP that I just ignored it. BUT then they called me again last Thursday(11th). I thought it was odd for a company to be so presistant to obtain a peon.

Maybe it’s Brian’s contact on the inside pushing them to contact me so Brian will stop bugging them. Maybe they actually like my credentials. But it made me curious so I’m going to their interview to give them a chance. They’re at a disadvantage though because I have two contacts on two seperate occasions that say that this employer is crap. On top of that the Stream lady on the phone quoted me $9/hr, only a few dimes more than what I make now. They also have benufits… but chances are that I’ll be looking for a professional job before those beny’s even kick in.

It’s so bizzar walking into an interview, head held high, knowing that I can tell them, “No, thanks; I have it better where I’m at. Oh BTW, you might want to do something about your reputation.”

Anyway, I’m going to go fiddle with my bike. Need to get it ready for the family reunion this weekend 😉