Happy Leap Year Day!

What other day can you celebrate once every four years without ignoring the other three? I think they should make the leap year day a day of uber cool celebration or something… don’t know what one could do on that day… visit the beach or something. Me? I watched the Oscars and ate hot tai food with me ma and old friends. Grand ol’ time. LotR all the way, they completely deserve that and more… pitty Gollum man didn’t get recodnised, or any of the other actors for that matter.

Just before that I made a mess in my spiffy new car while making a wendy’s root beer float(frosty + root beer). I put the frosty in and was able to put the lid on… then I turned the car on. When I look back down, fizz was slowly bubbling from the straw hole in the lid! Luckely most of it ended up out side or in my mouth… There was some on the seat, I havn’t wisened up to carrying napkins yet so I made a desision to screw the pants and save the leather :p Other than that, the float was a success, not bad for 2 bucks 🙂

Before THAT I watched Head of State, with Chris Rock. Good flick. I think it’s one I’ll watch every election year. I want to get a bumper sticker that says Vote Mayz for president… I worry for where our country is going, often voting is just choosing the less of two evils. I hate polatics, my mind doesn’t grasp of all of the veriables involved very well; there’s a lot B.S. flung around there too. “Bah… go back to being a grunt, stop pondering what is beyond you, Dustin.” Yes concious… grumble mumble.