Long time no update!!

Hello one or two! I’m at work… bored off my gored… or would it be goard. Who knows. Anyway… I have a lot of shtuff going on in my head right now. I’m working on the next phase of updates to my web site. I’m playing Final Fantasy 7 through again… and I may go through it a second time to copy down the basic script… then I’m thinking about making a little story out of it. “Why?” you ask. Because I like the story alot and I think it’s worth telling.

I also have this crazy idea that people aren’t going to have a clue what’s going to be happening in the movie since, based on previews, there’s a lot of reference to the back story. Thinking back on Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, the movie Squaresoft (now Square Enix) made a few years ago, I think the whole Gia philosophy that’s hooked into the story makes it hard for people to relate to and enjoy. They didn’t develope too much on the characters… the whole philosophy thing sorta took over. This time around the characters are already very well established, and there’s a lot of action and eye candy to fill up the space. I think that getting the story out would help alot in the character development… dunno… it’s really teedious so we’ll see.

Anyway, I’m over my break time… laterz

Pawn Moves On

I finished my book!! Oh Joy! Rapture! On to the next!! Four more books in this series, five more in it’s next… I have some reading ahead of me. I wanna make a movie out of these books. The characters are awsome. Maybe I should write the script when I’m through… send it to Peter Jackson. Or maybe just send it back to David Eddings to see what he thinks, since he IS the one that really counts. Authors should always be in charge of their own work. Like J.K. Rowling… they couldn’t really do that with LOTR since Tolkein’s dead(in body ;), but since it already had a HUGE following there were creative minds, artists and linguists that helped out. Such pooling in creativity is seriously lacking in most modern movies, I think. It’s a pitty, really.