Long time no update!!

Hello one or two! I’m at work… bored off my gored… or would it be goard. Who knows. Anyway… I have a lot of shtuff going on in my head right now. I’m working on the next phase of updates to my web site. I’m playing Final Fantasy 7 through again… and I may go through it a second time to copy down the basic script… then I’m thinking about making a little story out of it. “Why?” you ask. Because I like the story alot and I think it’s worth telling.

I also have this crazy idea that people aren’t going to have a clue what’s going to be happening in the movie since, based on previews, there’s a lot of reference to the back story. Thinking back on Final Fantasy: Spirits Within, the movie Squaresoft (now Square Enix) made a few years ago, I think the whole Gia philosophy that’s hooked into the story makes it hard for people to relate to and enjoy. They didn’t develope too much on the characters… the whole philosophy thing sorta took over. This time around the characters are already very well established, and there’s a lot of action and eye candy to fill up the space. I think that getting the story out would help alot in the character development… dunno… it’s really teedious so we’ll see.

Anyway, I’m over my break time… laterz

Productive Day

Yep. That’s what it’s been. Just where have I been exactly? Well, I went to a FedEx place to send a bad sick of RAM and a good stick of RAM in order to get aCorsair XMS TwinPack so I can have a happy gig. teeheehee. Having a life time warrenty is a good thing.

Next I went to the bank to get quarters. Then I went to comcast to pay my cable bill. Turns out I payed for this month and next month… that cost a pretty penny. Then it was back home to sort the laundry and put it in the washer. Then get a network cable from the living room to my room. I also placed hooks for running cable back to my moms room too. I didn’t have a cable long enough for that so I went Fry’s to pick one up. I found out Fry’s charges three times more for cables than what I can get them for from PCH Cables in Hillsboro. So I went other to Fred Meyers and picked up a wooden shelf… yes a shelf.

I went back home and modified this shelf… one shelf becomes two shorter ones. It turned out perfect. I put computer parts on the shorter one, the taller one is the perfect height for a computer bench. For fixing computers and what not. I’m very proud of it. Anyway… then I just cleaned for a while. By then all 6 loads of laundry is done. Mom and I had a deal. I would do all the shifting and taking them down and up the three flights of stairs if she would fold them. So back to my room. Then I get hungry, so I go pick up some chicken teriaki, and now I’m here. Typing a little diddy while I eat. Exciting huh?

Anyway, I still have room stuff to do. I’d like to work on the webpage some too. Back to it!

Another day at the computer

I don’t know. I felt like updating, but I didn’t feel like explaining much. So I’ll just sum up. Worked yesterday, pretty good day. Lindsay came over after to give me ideas. They were all too artsy fartsy and would take way to much time to produce… but it gave me a couple ideas. Lindsay’s laptop(she brought it over) has this heat problem. It shuts itself off once something inside over heats. I thought I’d be helpful and get a heat-sink for her… it had this fand snapped to it, so I was prying at it with a screw driver. The screw driver slipped… now I have a nice gash from the bottom of my finger nail to my knuckle. I guess there aren’t many nerve endings in the back of the thumb because I didn’t feel a thing… it just bled like rain.

Today was spent doing various chores and errands while trying to concentrate on making pictures and pages for the website. It was hard to concentrate. I didn’t get much done. But it’s no matter, since I still can’t do anything to the domain. I need to get some sleep… have a good night everybody.