I failed. The certification test that is. ~40%, It royaly kicked my butt. I figured it would go down that way, but that didn’t keep me from hoping and wishing I was a crazy cool computer psychic. Can’t say I’m not disappointed and slightly pissed. But I accomplished the point of why I signed up for the test, finding out Microsoft really wants from me. Ironicly, it’s experiance. I need to have experience working with the stuff before they let me get experience working with the stuff… One of those circular logics.

If the test were about cars, say, Toyota’s. Insead of just asking you where the starter is and identifying it… it would ask what size wrench it would take and where the bolts are on a certain model. Basicly, its info you would only care about if you ran accross the problem once before. I need to get my hands on a $399 operating system so I can install it and screw it up and fix it over and over. OK. I’m done talking about it… bastards…

I went and played basketball at a park today. I got winded and sweaty just from shooting around by myself. So outta shape. Guess that’s kinda the point, though. At least I can still dribble and shoot okay. After a couple nights I might find a game somewhere, start meeting friends and pwning some n00bs. lol…

In other news. My friends at work want me to hurry up and get a new job, so I can get cable and come back to World of Warcraft. lol. One even offered to buy the game for me once he got a new job. hehe. Peer pressure rocks!

In other other news… Cake is coming to town September 6th. The band. Hell yeah! I’ll only go if I can find a friend, such as my friend Justin.

Sad Good Byes :.(

There was once an adventurer named Riva. He once quested too and fro across Azuroth. Healing guildmates, friends and strangers. Random moonfire pillars here and there to add some damage. But now he has lay down his dagger an left that world never to return. A moment of silence please.

I deleted my main char in WoW tonight so I might focus on my real goals better. No one told me to do it. Not directly anyway. It was entirely my own thought process. I put 4 months into something, it’s only natural that you get teary-eyed when you have to sacrafice it for a greater good. I feel light headed… and meloncoly. The friends I made. Diving Guardians, my guild. All the goals I strived so hard to achieve in that world. The mount. A set of wild leather armor. Gone. SHIT!

Anyway… that’s over, I hope it will be worth is damn it! I’m going to bed.

WoW! I Haven’t updated in forever

Yeah… in case some wondered, I’ve been incapacitated for the last week and a half because I’ve been playing an MMOG. Masive, Multiplayer Online Game, fyi. World of Warcraft(WoW), I’ve been exploring the land of Aseroth with my Elf Druid. Leveling up, meeting new people, having lots of fun… dying. That’s why I haven’t logged onto AIM or MSN. It’s not just the game tho. I kinda needed to escape reality for a while. Too much to think about at once. Doing that sorta cleans my mind of things. I’m taking a night off tonight, then I’m just going to play for an hour or four each night after work. Meh.

Nothing to tell about work… it’s work. Not a whole lot else has been going on. Maybe that’s another reason for the game…

Anyway, back to work