Hello World

Yes, I’m still here. Just not as bored or cyberly active as I have been in past months. A job that has you sat down being productive in front of two computers all day long makes for a great desire to be as absolutely unproductive as possible at home. Having a steady girlfriend is also good incentive to leave my computer for the outside world. I don’t remember what was last posted, but Caitlin is now in town for the summer. I visit regularly… err… well, daily. Even if its just to visit her on hour lunches. Or to moraly support her while she cleans her room (I read or watch TV while she organizes stuff). *shrug* I’m addicted to her now. Every time I come around it’s been by stong encouragement and often spacific request… sorta leads me to think that she likes me back. 🙂 It’s already nearly been a half year, which doens’t feel like a long time. But I already have so many memories.

More than a months ago her dad, Brent who currently resides in Irishland, fished for help building a fence for his mom (Caitlin’s grandma), who lives in tigard. So naturaly I got volenteered. The first section went up without a problem. Then fathers day we put up the second section. Then to reward us for our doings Brent took us and Evin(Brother, who also helps with the fence) to seaside about two weekends ago. We stayed in a Hostel, which I had never heard of asside from when someone disliked you to the point of considering offensive tactics. That was pretty fun and it’s definately something to look out for in the future.

Hmm… I’m drowsy and am about to pass out all of a sudden. Night til later.