First Post:- Our lives may depend on it

The whole global warming fiasco. There’s a lot of high to-do, or not to-do, over this issue and its hard to figure out who’s right, who’s wrong, or even if it will matter in the end. A reddit link lead me to a video a couple weeks ago. It’s titled How it all ends by wonderingmind42 on YouTube; or “some guy” as he often calls himself. He’s a chemistry teacher who explains that for average joe-shmoes like him and us it’s not a matter of understanding the issue. It’s a matter of risk management. He explains himself while and defending his point of view with a “devils advocate” version of himself in a funny hat, who makes a lot of noise with random chemistry experiments.

The best visualized representation for his ten minute video happens at about the 7 minute mark when he’s has a few dozen cans with white labels coming out of the top. The labels each have a major issue that you usually hear about that matters to people. Iraq War, Abortion Rights, Gay Rights, Save the Whales, Save the Rain forest, Oil spills, etc etc. Then he wipes them all off the table. All of those will be like “arranging deck chairs on the Titanic” if the worst of global warming manifests. “Load of dingo’s kidneys” as Ford Prefect would put it.  He then brings in more cans labeled with various natural disasters or crisis that climate destabalization could cause on a global scale.

The kind of waves this guy has made in the internet community can be seen by doing a search for Manpollo Project in Google. The word Manpollo didn’t exist before he posted those videos. He’s done good, I’d say.

He has a series of videos, 43 by my count, explaining his views further, refuting opposing ones, explaining what people can do, and how you can do more research yourself. If your interested in those check out his Index which links to all of those videos in the “About This Video” on the right.

P.S. The Titanic reference had me curious, so I checked Wikipedia. The maiden voyage started on a Friday: April 12, 1912. Sunday, April 14th, it hit the iceberg at around 11:40pm. Monday by 2:20am the fish had a big steel home with fancy tables and silverware. Wasn’t a good weekend.