I’m writing this post in notepad right now.
“But Dustin, why ever would you do that?”
I’ll tell you why my inquisitive friend. I now have dial-up. I decided a while ago that I was going to cancel cable so I can save some money (~$50/mo). I stopped paying the bill two months ago and just waited for them to shut me off. I’m going to pay them back, naturally. But I’m not getting cable back until I get a new job.
Dial-up is SO SLOW!!
“How SLOW is it?”
It’s SO SLOW that it takes me two or three tries to log into most sites, including Live Journal. LJ has been having problems when I had cable… hence why I’m writing first and logging to post after. I tell yuh. I don’t know if my ADD can handle this…

Meh, it isn’t that bad. I just have to do other things with my life. Such as reading. Or learning the piano. Or eating… I’m fairly fond of that one sometimes… but I’m not much of a recreational eater… so I just eat with the focus of getting full.

Anyway… nothing else really to tell. Work is work. Same Shtuff Different Day. Only I’m doing it in the Portland store… because manager Jash wants me to build systems fast like them. Mainly I’ve been doing sales over there tho… go figure.

I want a new job
I Want a new job
I Want a New job
I Want A New Jorb!!!!!

I just clicked a link. I think I’ll go to the theater and watch a movie… maybe it’ll load by the time I get back.


Bored at lunch again…

Yeah, another day without lunch. My fault tho. I mean, yeah I don’t have money. Someone offered to lend me money… but it doesn’t matter that much to me. Meh, one less fast food burger in my belly.

A new Oblivian trailer came out yesterday. Such a pretty video game! They also have Patrik Stewart as one of the voice acters 😀 SO you know it’s GOTTA be cool! They also posted new screen shots.

In other news Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (that movie I was raiving about a month or so ago) comes out this September. Happy Birthday ME! Don’t know if it’s going streight to DVD or if they’ll try the theater thing again(their last FF movie flopped)… I just know that it’ll be damn cool and send shivers down my spine.

Um… my sister is merried now… in case you didn’t know. She did that last Saturday. Not really a big deal I guess. She has a dif. last name, that’s about all that’s different about her in my eyes.

I’m still reading that damned A+ book. SO dull. Hard to stay awake while reading… but I’m pushing through it slowly but surely.

Umm… DOH! How could I forget?? I’m taking a trip to Medford two weekends from now, sunday-tuesday. Justin’s band is opening for Presidents of the United States of America. No way I’m going to miss that! w00t! Looking forward to it.

Anyway… I’m done typing for now… soo… I’m going to go… over there… bye